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Websites for Healthcare Marketing

Resolving Your Marketing Challenges

For two decades, Arteric has been developing websites that helped healthcare teams resolve almost any type of marketing challenge imaginable. Arteric’s website teams have conceived or redesigned website strategy and tactics that powered the campaigns that shaped markets; pushed category leaders aside; enhanced medical, legal and regulatory operations; advanced advocacy causes; and persuaded decision makers in government offices and in C-suites.

  • Corporate
  • Branded and unbranded sites for consumers, HCPs, or advocacy groups
  • Disease education
  • Mechanism-of-disease
  • Medical Affairs and Medical Information  
  • Integration of third-party functionality, eg, Veeva Vault

Website Success

Websites that deliver meaningful results satisfy the 3 masters that dictate website success:

  • Site visitors 
  • Search engines
  • Client needs

We act in many ways to satisfy the masters. Here are a few.

Site Visitors

Every aspect of the user experience results from research-driven design. Content, readability on any screen size from mobile to desktop, navigation, and site architecture are optimized for audiences in ways that satisfy medical, legal and regulatory reviewers.

Search Engines

We utilize several commercial software (Raven Tools, SEO Site Checkup, and Google PageSpeed Insights) and custom in-house tools to generate a wealth of insight about SEO quality metrics and changes over time. In addition, our search analysts and development team evaluate sites manually. 

Client Needs

We use standards-based, widely available, open-source website technologies to develop websites. We believe in agency interchangeability and limiting vendor lock-in. We take this approach (unlike most of our competitors) to reduce risk for clients, freeing them to be bold and to innovate.

To enhance global brand consistency and reduce the cost of site development, maintenance, and security, we provide brands with global frameworks — technology and processes that enable brand teams to rapidly create derivative Web assets by local affiliates.


boost user engagement

Shape a hypercompetitive market

Laptop and tablet showing AIM at Melanoma and Discover PsA home pages

The Arteric Process

Uncover Insight for Wins

All Arteric website projects begin by deconstructing the business challenge that the website must overcome. We review the portfolio of healthcare challenges that we’ve resolved since 2003, but we always customize the research to the challenge at hand.

For Example:  

  • First-generation Website
    • To shape a market entrenched with billion-dollar competitors, research indicated the need for a multiphase strategy with sequentially launched websites. With time, we evolved the stories that the websites delivered based on the results of continuing research. The market-shaping strategy itself also evolved based on research that measured audience readiness for each story AND if the stories needed to change.
  • Website Redesign
    • The research into an underperforming website for a world-renowned melanoma foundation began with a deep SEO study. Reviewing the analytics from 850 website pages uncovered the root causes of the low engagement and guided their subsequent correction. The research ultimately led to a complete rebranding.
  • Website Development Technology
    • A central marketing team had difficulty maintaining global brand consistency, site reliability, and security across country-specific websites. Our research indicated that variable processes and resource limitations at local brand teams caused these issues. We solved the problem by creating a website development platform and processes that enable central marketing teams and local affiliates to rapidly develop and update globally consistent, locally optimized Web assets.
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The Arteric Process

Data-driven Design

At Arteric, everything we do is by design, and everything we design is driven by research. That’s why the first application that our creative director opens when a project begins is Google Analytics, not PhotoShop®, Tilt Brush®, OmniGraffle®, Axure®, or StoryBoard Quick® (those come later). Our Creative team produces information experiences that inspire site visitors to act and that are magnets for search engines because the team executes the research that answers essential questions before they alter a single pixel.

For example:

  • What Messages Have To Be Delivered and When?
  • Who Are The Audiences and What Are Their Preferences?  

This explains why we use tools like Google Analytics to plan responsive designs and A/B testing to determine the optimal location for a callout in an award-winning website. We combine this research with insight gained from two decades of projects to create content for first-generation or redesigned websites, be they branded or unbranded, destined for consumers, healthcare professionals or other audiences.

Seamless collaboration between Creative, Search, Development, Quality Assurance, and Strategy teams guides website development and implementation. Agile project management and efficiency-enhancing technology such as Zeplin® enables Arteric to work smart and fast, as we did while rebranding and redesigning a transformative website in 30 days.  

Seamless website production: strategy, creative, search, development and quality assurance teams

Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe.
Tilt Brush is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
OmniGraffle is a registered trademark of Omni Development, Inc.
Axure is a registered trademark of Axure Software Solutions, Inc.
StoryBoard Quick is a registered trademark of Power Production Software
Zeplin is a registered trademark of Zeplin, Inc.

The Arteric Process

Build to Rank

Arteric’s world-class content strategy and onsite technical SEO practices adopt the best tactics and strategies from a wide range of industries.  Through testing and validation with medical, legal, and regulatory committees, we adapted them for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology brands.

We begin SEO with a maniacal focus on quality in our software development practices. Our programmers and quality assurance (QA) analysts thoroughly understand the fundamentals of SEO coding, Web standards, search engine crawler behavior and browser idiosyncrasies. Arteric search analysts continuously monitor site rankings, analytics, crawler reports, user behavior and many other factors. This is essential because Google’s search and crawler algorithms change frequently and grow smarter, and our clients’ competitors’ marketing strategy grows more sophisticated.

Arteric's SEO practice is led by and continually updated by Co-founder and President Hans Kaspersetz, a speaker and panelist at international technology meetings and advisor to Fortune Global 500 firms on commercial web search technology and digital strategy.

The Arteric Process

Infuse Absolute Reliability

Websites malfunction because of programming errors. Creating defect-free software is our mission. Over the decades, we've developed an arsenal of approaches to eliminate errors.

Reduce complexity. Arteric websites include only that functionality essential to achieve the business objectives. Non-essential bell-and-whistle functionality adds unnecessary complexity, which increases the likelihood of errors and drives up costs.

Create the optimal programming code. Software engineers use various strategies to program websites. Our developers begin with industry best practices, and then constantly experiment to determine the optimal solution. In each project we have completed since 1999, we selected the code and software technologies that produced the best results. Every website we build integrates two decades of experimentally optimized best-programming strategy.

Begin quality assurance prior to kickoff. Even with nonstop optimization, it’s impossible to prevent every error during software development. The key is to find errors early. That's why we search for defects throughout website development with a continuous QA process that begins prior to kickoff. Traditional QA that begins after website programming allows accumulation of software bugs that cause domino effects of software issues that delay development and increase cost.


We reduce the risk of cost overages and delays by building websites that integrate the needs of marketing teams, their agency partners, and their technology service providers. If the needs of all parties aren’t identified and resolved early, website development suffers. This we know from rescuing projects that other agencies failed to complete. Our software engineering expertise and years of healthcare marketing experience enable us to communicate effortlessly and precisely with all stakeholders. 

Markets change, needs evolve, and unforeseen situations arise. Should website development not proceed according to plan, we’ll tell you ASAP. You’ll never have to wonder about the status of your project.

If we’re guilty of anything, it’s over-communicating to keep you informed.

Strategy. Technology. Results.

Arteric websites help brands shape and capture markets, open minds to new treatment modalities, and persuade the thinking of formulary decision makers and groups that fund medical research. When a brand’s marketing challenge required a new website development platform and content development processes, we created them. When you’re a true digital agency, it’s what you do. 

Arteric websites achieve myriad objectives, but share common traits:

  • Infused With World-class SEO
  • User Experiences Optimized for Target Audiences and The Technology Team That Manages the Site
  • Developed With Open-source Technologies — No Vendor Lock-in
  • Optimized for Multiple Languages
  • Function Effectively at Launch And as Markets Evolves

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