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Web Applications for Healthcare Marketing

Customize Your Web Services for Any Marketing Challenge

Web applications are custom-crafted solutions for healthcare brand teams and their internal partners, such as Medical Affairs and sales teams. Applications include CRM systems, science portals, medical information request platforms, HCP verification and content-access control systems, search tools, and implementations of artificial intelligence. Arteric designs, develops, and seamlessly integrates Web applications that solve unique and common healthcare challenges faced by global pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. 

Optimize the Solution to The Marketing Challenge

Website Development Platforms

Content management systems and processes that empower local affiliates within global brand teams to rapidly create and update brand-consistent Web assets

CRM Systems

Field-sales-guided CRM technology that speeds high-precision discovery of client needs. Custom designed for the Payer Marketing space.

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Platforms and Portals

Portal technology that enhances global brand consistency by digitally linking science platform content to the scientific evidence that supports it

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Congress Management

Scheduling, communication, and business-intelligence functionality that maximizes the efficiency and impact of medical conference teams

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Custom Solutions at Local Scale

Arteric develops Web applications specific to your needs and scale. 

Market Specific

The CRM program for a payer marketing group proved too slow and unresponsive for a fast-moving strategic account team in an ultra-competitive market. The managed markets group approached us with their challenge. We researched it, spoke to field personnel, and conceptualized an industry-first Web application that solved the compliance challenges, empowered the strategic account managers, and led to contract wins. Our solution was a field-sales-managed CRM system that locked in compliance yet enabled account managers to select and personalize the most effective message on a customer-by-customer basis. As a result, account managers and their regional and national managers were able to shape high-precision conversations far in advance of formulary negotiations. 

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Custom Solutions At Global Scale

A client described their challenges maintaining global brand consistency, site reliability, and security across country-specific websites. Local brand teams with Web development expertise or their agencies didn’t consistently apply brand standards. Many local affiliates lacked the resources to independently create websites. Our solution — create a website-development platform that enabled global marketing teams and local affiliates to rapidly develop and update globally consistent, locally optimized Web assets 

Time-tested processes 

Our approach is the same at any scale. Analyze the nuances of your business needs to uncover every aspect of the business challenge. Combine extensive research with “What if?” and “Why not?” thinking to create unique functionality that provides competitive advantage. Evaluate how business needs might evolve with time. Develop an expandable Web application that works as effectively 3 years after launch as it does at launch.

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Technical Challenges Beyond Websites

Web applications pose technical challenges and complexities that don’t exist in website development. Broad, deep software expertise is essential to develop Web applications and integrate them into enterprise technology environments on time and on budget at no burden to the client.    

  • Software Engineering and Design
    • Gartner reports that up to 75% of software projects fail.1 Primary reasons for failure are lack of development-team experience and undue complexity in software design. Because traditional agencies lack deep software expertise, they are at risk for cost overruns, delays or failure to deliver. Arteric has rescued Web applications that other agencies couldn’t complete. Software engineers and test engineers comprise more than half the Arteric team.
  • Needs Analysis
    • Expertise in software engineering also means that we’re completely fluent in the languages of marketing teams and IT teams. We work tirelessly to simplify our software projects to develop and deploy the EXACT functionality that’s needed. And by relentlessly communicating the needs of both groups and resolving potential conflicts during planning, we reduce the risk of downstream issues.  

1Your guide to a successful ERP journey: Top 10 change management challenges for Enterprise Resource Planning implementations.

Ready-to-go Enterprise Solutions

Arteric provides off-the-shelf Web applications — adherence solutions, CRM systems, science portals and utilities that coordinate conference teams at medical congresses and manage the intelligence that they gather. These programs launch rapidly and are straightforward to manage. 

Reliable by design 

Our digital natives continually optimize how we develop Web applications. It’s the reason that Arteric solutions provide reliable performance for user audiences of any size, at any location, and on any device.

And we always complete what we begin. 

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Strategy. Technology. Results.

Arteric’s custom-crafted Web applications — CRM systems, science portals, medical information request platforms, and HCP verification systems — have  helped healthcare marketers deliver wins for two decades. Web applications empower healthcare teams — sales, marketing, medical, regulatory, and legal — to mold marketing technology around the needs of their customers, their business strategy, and their technology infrastructure. Customization provides essential functionality at the cost and scale that the marketing challenge dictates.

Fit marketing technology around your needs. We’ll show you how. 

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