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Technology Implementation Support

Digital marketing software — physician verification systems like Doximity, document management systems like Veeva™ Vault, and CRM technology like Nexxus™ Marketing/Appature and SalesForce — function effectively only if they’re properly integrated into your information technology (IT) environment. Because no two IT environments are identical, technology implementation requires customization based on your IT infrastructure as it exists today and how it will evolve.

Arteric has been integrating technologies for healthcare, banking, air travel, and other industries since 1999. We know the nuances that drive successful integration because unlike traditional agencies, we develop applications like these from scratch. 

And because we’ve supported global brands for decades, we select and implement the technology that’s native to the location. For example, we utilize MediKey to manage physician registration and access control for websites we develop for audiences in Italy, DocCheckAG for HCP access management in Germany and Medi-Access® for Dutch websites. 

Medi-Access is a registered trademark of E-WISE Netherlands bv.

Commercial Solutions

We’ve integrated a broad array of marketing technologies — CRM systems, document and asset management, physician registration and tracking systems, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, among others.  The systems that we’ve helped clients select and implement cover the entire spectrum of complexity and cost. 

Large Enterprise

Veeva™ Vault

A cloud-based content management platform and suite of applications for managing regulated documents. 

Nexxus™ Marketing

A multichannel campaign marketing platform that includes marketing-database services, campaign creation and management tools, and marketing analytics functions. 

DMD Audience Identity ManagerSM

Identifies physicians (names, NPI number and medical specialty) and monitors browsing patterns on websites that run the Audience Identify ManagerSM software.

Amazon Web ServicesTM

Provides cloud-based computing services such as website application hosting, database storage, networking, and content delivery.

Nexxus is a trademark of IMS Software Services Ltd. 
Audience Identity Manager is a service mark of DMD Marketing Corp.
Veeva is a trademark of Veeva Services Inc.
Amazon Web Services is a trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Small to Medium Enterprise 

iContact®, Constant Contact, MailChimp®

Provide different combinations of email marketing and marketing automation tools and integration with marketing and eCommerce platforms such as SalesForce and Magneto.

iContact is a registered trademark of iContact Corporation.
Constant Contact is a registered trademark of Constant Contact Corporation.
MailChimp is a registered trademark of The Rocket Science Group.

Custom Solutions

Simplify Design

Successful implementation of custom solutions begins with efficient software design:

  • Eliminate Complexity — Unnecessary and Unrecognized Complexity Complicates Development and Implementation
  • Include Only the Functionality Required to Achieve the Business Objectives 
  • Include What’s Essential for the End User
  • Include What the Information Technology (IT) Team Needs to Launch Without Burden and to Efficiently Manage the Technology 
  • Leave Out the Bells and Whistles

Complexity creeps in when the business problem is poorly understood and is therefore, improperly defined. Arteric accurately deconstructs complex business problems because we’ve encountered them hundreds of times over the course of two decades.

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Define Implementation Needs  

Custom solutions are implemented effectively when the needs of all stakeholders are defined early in the project. Because everyone at Arteric is fluent in the languages of marketing and IT teams, we communicate the needs of all groups. If conflicts arise, we resolve them ASAP.

Eliminate Software Defects

Software errors complicate implementation.

  • Develop and validate software in a replicate of the client’s LAMP stack
    • Many healthcare organizations run their websites, CRM programs, and other marketing tactics on the cloud. Errors can go undetected in software that is created and tested in an environment that doesn't match the production environment.
    • Unlike traditional agencies, Arteric has the software-engineering expertise to build a replica of a client’s production cloud environment. We use this replicated environment to develop and validate our custom software solutions against the client’s actual production architecture. This strategy identifies potential issues that are corrected before production deployment.
  • Begin quality assurance prior to kickoff
    • It’s impossible to prevent every error during software development. The key is to find errors early. Arteric employs a continuous quality assurance (QA) process that begins prior to kickoff. The traditional approach — beginning QA after programming completion — accumulates software bugs that cause a domino effect of issues that can impact time lines and budget. At Arteric, QA scales dynamically based on our clients' requirements.

Strategy. Technology. Results.

Arteric smooths implementation of commercial and customer digital marketing technologies for brand teams and their technology service providers. Our developers create similar marketing technology from scratch, so they know how the software works and what enables burden-free implementation. And because were fluent in the language of technologists and marketers, we ensure that implementation meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Implement your marketing plans without delay.  Work with Arteric.  

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