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Mobile App Development for Healthcare Marketing

Building Mobile Apps Since 2003

We custom develop native iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets to solve healthcare’s most vexing challenges. With the expertise from two decades of experience, we provide comprehensive guidance. Strategists define the business challenge that the app must solve. Developers integrate the technology to solve it, eg, leading-edge tactics like augmented and virtual realities, chatbots, and natural language processing. Search analysts create the marketing plan that elevates page rank in Google and in app stores’ search engines.

Our experience in building Web applications ensures that Arteric mobile apps connect reliably with CRM systems and other marketing technology to share information throughout a client’s organization.



Guidelinesis an app that helps regional medical liaisons guide discussions with physicians about treatment guidelines. By providing liaisons with comprehensive collections of guidelines, functionality that compares guidelines side by side, and important commentary that isn’t publicly available, physicians receive a complete view of where a treatment fits in. A unique gamification feature enables physicians to create their own treatment algorithms. Guidelines keeps the collective insights of Medical Affairs at the fingertips of the field team.   


smartphone screens running Simple Conferences® software

Congress Utilities


SimpleConferences® organizes healthcare conference teams and the business intelligence they gather. 

Time management functions organize teams attending medical conferences by scheduling and communicating assignments and instantly notifying team members when plans change. Competitive intelligence functions store information gathered by the entire team, regardless of file format. Information is immediately shared throughout the onsite conference team and downloadable to a central office database. Multi-device synchronization ensures that the entire organization always has the most current information. Concierge support provides the onsite team with map guidance, transportation information and scheduling, and access to local amenities.                                                                                                                                                                              

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Medical Adherence


OnTimeRx® provides multiple forms of medication reminders, treatment record keeping, and supply and reorder notices. Users schedule reminders for any treatment they take, and the app tracks treatments taken and missed and provides alerts and refill reminders when medication runs low. Field proven since 2000 with millions of reminders delivered, OnTimeRx is applied in clinical trials investigating methods to improve medication adherence

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OnTimeRx® medical adherence app screens

Strategic Guidance

Mobile apps are frequently downloaded, but most never get used. Apps that break through the clutter of dozens of unused apps are those that add significant value to the end user. Our initial consultations identify if comparable functionality is available in a Web browser. If it is, it will be essential that the app provides an experience that is several-fold superior to that in a browser. Otherwise, most people will choose to use the functionality in mobile-optimized website.  


Our research leads to the insight that defines an app’s goals and objectives, ensures that the app integrates seamlessly into the overall marketing strategy, and complies with medical, legal, and regulatory requirements. Metrics that accurately assess app performance are included in an analytics strategy that helps create a roadmap to expand the feature set in future releases of the app. 


We develop personas that reflect audience demographics, their daily routines, and prevailing attitudes to help define what the app must accomplish and how it will be used. This includes detailing the business challenges that the app must resolve. These steps are crucial to define the app’s features at launch and beyond.  

App Features

Dissect the tasks. We dissect the tasks users must execute to achieve their objectives (eg, find therapeutic information, register for a clinical study). To define the app’s POTENTIAL features, we map out all the actions that users must execute to achieve their objectives. 

Define the minimum viable product. We identify the ESSENTIAL features required at launch to produce a minimum viable product (MVP). The remaining features are prioritized and scheduled for inclusion as enhancements as dictated by the update calendar. Launching an MVP with built-in metrics and an evaluation plan provides feedback that informs which features are most popular, which might need improvement or deletion, and what should be added.

Discovery, planning, sprint iterations, end game, release

Development Strategy

  • Beyond Best Practices
    • App development technology is evolving continuously. Android apps are developed in the Java, C, or C++ programming languages. Design tools such as Eclipse, Android Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA create the front end user experience. iOS apps are programmed in Objective-C or Swift, and the front ends are created using tools such as Xcode and AppCode. 
    • Our starting point for development is the best practices that we’ve continually optimized since 1999. Then, we experiment, evaluate the results and continue perfecting these practices in a perpetual optimization process. Continual quality assurance testing that initiates at kickoff and continues throughout the project development cycle leads  to a defect-free app that works effectively on any Android or iOS device of any screen size. 
  • Data Management
    • Impeccable data management is essential to accommodate users’ frequent moves between online and offline use of apps. Arteric has two decades of experience in building data-intense, highly transactional Web-based systems. We apply this expertise when we build the data-management functionality that enables apps to integrate and synchronize data within and between devices and with cloud-based systems.    

Marketing Guidance

It’s essential to market the app’s experience, not just the app. The marketing plans we create reflect the unique business needs of each app and the markets they serve (internal or external) and sync perfectly with a client’s overall marketing strategy. The plan includes tactics to execute before, during, and after launch.

App Store SEO

Arteric’s world-class search analysis team applies state-of-the-art SEO tactics to elevate page rank in Google, in app stores’ search engines, and in the minds of thought leaders. We include the most impactful keywords in the app title, app description, and other metadata. Our choices consider the different approaches that people use to search for an app —  by title, genre, or functional description (eg, “best organizer” vs “popular photo editors”). 

Monitor Performance

We regularly monitor user feedback, app SEO performance and the app marketing strategy itself. Via an app’s built-in survey, outreach with registered users, or research involving user communities, we gather data that guides evolution of app functionality and its marketing strategy. 

Research, testing, evaluation, and optimization drive every decision throughout the app’s life cycle.

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Strategy. Technology. Results.

Arteric has been developing mobile apps that solve healthcare sales, marketing, and compliance challenges for two decades. Whatever the business problem — from providing the insight and contextual wisdom of Medical Affairs teams to organizing teams attending medical congresses and managing the intelligence that they gather — we custom craft apps to perform with enterprise-strength reliability and to rank high in Google and in app store search engines.

When it comes to mobile technology, change is a constant. But so is our track record for transforming change into competitive advantage.

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