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Marketing Strategy

Since 2003, Arteric has helped brands and organizations overcome marketing challenges from across the healthcare spectrum. We’ve helped brands prime crowded markets for new treatments, push aside entrenched market leaders, and transform aging global brands into high-performing, world-class resources for patients and the research community. We’ve created brand stories for advocacy organizations that swayed public and government sentiment, and conceived and developed technology that enabled brands to better manage speaker bureaus and maintain compliance with Sunshine Laws.

web browser searches for healthcare products

Shape Markets

Analyze Competitors

When the challenge was to shape a crowded market prior to launch, we audited competitor Web assets, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, and competitor pay-per-click (PPC) programs. Tracking how competitor tactics and assets evolved over time and how competitors responded to search engine algorithms enabled us to fine-tune the shaping strategy as the market evolved.  

Optimize Content for Audiences

Monitoring online and offline conversations in professional and consumer communities identified unmet needs. Research then identified the messages that told the brand’s story in the most engaging manner for multiple audience segments. Additional research ensured that audiences were prepared to act on those messages. If they weren’t, we applied the most effective online and offline channels to provide information that prepared them. SEO-driven content updates maximized traffic to online assets. 

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Elevate Brand Awareness

A world-class melanoma patient advocacy organization was dissatisfied with their website’s performance metrics and the group’s overall brand awareness. Analysis of the data, search engine ranking, and content of 850 website pages identified copy and site-architecture issues that caused search engines to connect visitors with information unrelated to their searches — even though the correct information was present on the website. Revamping SEO and content strategy, optimizing the user experience for mobile audiences, improving navigation, and refreshing the visual brand rapidly produced double-digit increases in user engagement

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Smartphone with AIM at Melanoma website

Leverage Opportunities Ripe for Change

The search for competitive advantage drives us to push the boundaries of strategy and software, but we're not reckless. Two decades of experience with digital healthcare marketing projects guides us to smart choices about how hard to push and when. We catalyze our clients to think creatively with What if? and Why not? thinking to uncover opportunities that are ripe for change. 

Similar Challenges. Different Solutions.

A central marketing team experienced difficulty in maintaining global brand consistency, site reliability, and security across country-specific websites. The cause — inconsistent process and resource limitations at local brand teams. We solved the problem by developing a platform strategy that enables global marketing teams and local affiliates to rapidly develop and update globally consistent, locally optimized Web assets. 

A second brand had global consistency issues, but research identified a different cause — inadequate version control within the scientific platform. As the brand’s scientific story and those of their competitors evolved, local brand teams didn’t consistently create promotional content with current platform information. Our remedy included a new strategy, along with technology that automates platform updating, locks in version control by the Medical Affairs team, and enhances communication with local brand teams.

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ArtericArteric provides brand building, insight and analytics, and customer-specific communication

World-class Search Engine Optimization

High-precision SEO drives every multichannel campaign developed at Arteric. Our research-driven content strategy and onsite technical SEO practice apply successful tactics and strategies from a wide range of industries. Then, through testing and validation with MLR committees, we adapted them for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology brands. 

The Arteric SEO process is multifaceted. It involves a maniacal focus on quality in software development practices — our programmers and QA analysts thoroughly understand SEO coding, Web standards, search engine crawler behavior and browser idiosyncrasies. We continuously monitor client assets and those of their competitors — site rankings, analytics, crawler reports, user behavior, and many other factors. This is essential because Google’s search and crawler algorithms change continuously, getting ever smarter. And your competitors’ SEO programs grow ever more sophisticated.

Arteric's SEO practice is led by and continually updated by founder Hans Kaspersetz, a speaker and panelist at international technology meetings and advisor to Fortune Global 500 firms on commercial Web search technology and digital strategy.

Exhaustive Website Audits

Our multifaceted approach to SEO evaluates your competitors’ online properties and analyzes your content assets to ensure their optimal search performance. This includes auditing websites from multiple perspectives to optimize the website experience for site visitors, search engines, marketing teams and the technology teams that manage the site. 

We apply multiple commercial and custom in-house software tools to assess SEO quality metrics and their change over time. In addition, our search analysts and team members evaluate sites manually. Quality Assurance (QA) team members assess the user experience for every page across a wide range of screen sizes, and software engineers review program code for several best practices and indicators of code quality.

The combination of manual inspections and automated tools provides a comprehensive view of website performance and how to improve it. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our search analysts and healthcare strategists provide full-scale SEM services — strategic concepting, creative development, campaign management, and reporting and optimization. The campaigns that we manage range from modest to multi-million-dollar spends.  

Road sign for Illinois highway 17 vs Interleukin-17

Vigilance pervades every SEM program regardless of budget. Vigilance includes proactively looking for dangers to campaign budgets. When a major automobile accident on Illinois Route 17 flooded Google with searches for “IL-17,” our continuous campaign-performance monitoring triggered us into action. We took steps to ensure that an SEM budget that drove Internet traffic related to interleukin 17 (aka, IL-17) won’t be drained by queries into highway traffic in the Midwest.

search engine marketing impressions and engagement

When Zicam®, the leading cold-shortening medicine, wanted to expand its brand reach, we reorganized and optimized an underperforming SEM program. Within 4 months, the SEM campaign dramatically increased brand impressions (191%) and engagement (41% – coupon downloads) while decreasing cost per click.

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Accelerate Insight Discovery With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes volumes of marketing data in minutes that previously required weeks of human data analysis. AI simultaneously evaluates a multitude of variables that isn’t feasible by humans. This processing power enables analysts to identify audience needs and customer behaviors that otherwise go unnoticed. 

Our engineers develop artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions specific to the business problems that our marketing strategies must solve. To date, Arteric AI solutions provide topical analysis and relevance mapping, and language classification and translation. Powered by the semantic search, semantic classification, and semantic filtering capabilities of a commercial AI engine, our AI solutions uncover market insights invisible to human data analysis. 

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Answers in Minutes, Not Weeks

Our AI solutions analyze 250,000 search data points in 2.5 minutes as part of the research program to further increase brand impressions and engagement for a leading OTC cold-shortening medicine. In a comparable study prior to creation of the AI solution, human data analysis of 55,000 searches required 80 person-hours

250,000 searches in 2.5 minutes

Flexibility to Experiment 

The benefits of an AI solution go far beyond speed. AI provides the flexibility to evaluate data from multiple perspectives and in multiple languages to identify audience needs and behaviors. In one case, our AI solutions identified Spanish-language search inquiries in an English-only campaign targeted for audiences in the United States. The data are enabling the client to pursue an unforeseen campaign opportunity.

AI: A Primer for Healthcare Marketers 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not an out-of-the-box solution. Each AI solution must be optimized according to the needs of the business problem to be solved. The information on this page introduces important concepts to prepare healthcare marketers for conversations about AI. 

Wondering if an AI solution would benefit your marketing challenge? Ask our marketing strategy and technology teams. 

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Brand Marketing Data

Brand marketing data is central to an effective AI solution. Every inquiry and piece of feedback about the brand and its products in any form, such as pay per click and Search Console data, social media feedback, and customer service transcripts, must be digitized and stored under the brand’s control. The brand, never a vendor, must always control the data.


AI comprises a vast array of technology issues. These 3 topics provide a conceptual foundation to understand the practical aspects of AI.

  • Algorithms 
    • AI is a collection of many algorithms that provide the functionality to evaluate marketing data. Natural language processing algorithms enable AI to understand the meaning and context of human language. Machine learning algorithms empower the AI solution to self-improve. These are two of the many types of commercially available algorithms, but their analytical capabilities vary. An effective AI solution requires algorithms whose capabilities align closely with the business problem that the analysis must solve. 
  • Training data sets 
    • Algorithms must be trained on how to analyze the data and be provided with appropriate background information. If the business problem involves general knowledge, an encyclopedic source such as Wikipedia would be appropriate. If the analysis requires familiarity with biomedical content, medical journals and textbooks would be used to educate the AI solution. Algorithms must also be trained to “self-improve.” The more data that an AI solution analyzes, the better it becomes at analyzing the data. Self-improvement training strategies also are based on the business problem that the solution must solve. 
  • Data-acquisition interface
    • This is a software interface that uploads the marketing data into the AI solution. 


Many algorithms and training data sets must be tested to determine which will provide the best results. A technology partner who can narrowly define the business problem and guide selection of algorithms and training data, and a brand team that gives the project sufficient time to mature, are essential to success. 

AI in Action at Arteric

AI Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers

Artificial Intelligence — Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers. Making AI and Machine Learning Practical. 

Presented at the 2017 MedDev eMarketing Summit 

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AI is here, are you prepared?

Artificial Intelligence as a Marketing Tool Is Bull. Don’t Waste Your Time.

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With digital marketing technology evolving rapidly, brands have an ever-increasing list of strategic options to engage and educate audiences. Arteric’s two decades of software and healthcare marketing experience protects our clients from shiny-object syndrome. We leverage experience and data — never assumptions or the technology du jour — to conceive the strategy and develop the websites, mobile apps, and Web applications that help brands win. 

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