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Science Portal

Unite Global Brand Marketing Teams Behind the Scientific Story

A Medical Affairs team had difficulty in telling a globally consistent story because local teams worked with different versions of content from the scientific platform. The platform required globally dispersed brand teams to manually link messaging (Excel or PowerPoint files) to its supporting evidence. As platform messaging evolved, manual linkage to supporting evidence made it difficult to maintain a single, current version of brand messaging and its supporting references.   

Automatically synchronize your content
Version control: Brand teams always access current content
Integrated CRM and email: Enhances communication with global teams
Immediate use. No change to workflow processes.

Our Solution

A single portal that digitally links the scientific platform to its supporting evidence so that any change to the scientific story or to the references is automatically updated throughout the platform. Include CRM functionality for Medical Affairs to inform brand teams about platform updates and brand events and integrated email for brand teams to contact Medical Affairs. Automatically track platform downloads to identify the most valuable content.  


Messaging and it’s supporting evidence

Unify Dissociated Assets

The messaging that comprised the scientific story and its supporting evidence existed as separate documents that had to be linked, packaged, and distributed manually to local brand teams to create promotional or educational content.

Different versions of documents

Ensure Version Control

Platform messaging and its supporting evidence were unlinked. As the scientific story evolved, manual linkage with supporting evidence made it difficult to maintain a single, authoritative version of medical messaging and supporting references. As a result, different versions of platform information were utilized by brand teams in different countries.

The Solution: Quickly View a 360° Blueprint of Your Scientific Story

Platform themes, messages, statements and evidence

Organize Platform Content Specific to the Needs of the Brand

As the brand’s indications and therapeutic areas increase, the platform expands infinitely to accommodate the scientific story as it evolves.

Statements, messages and evidence

View a Snapshot of Themes, Messages, and Statements and Evidence

Find any message and its supporting data with a few clicks. Drill down from strategic themes to the supporting evidence, or ladder up from supporting evidence to strategic themes. 

automatically update the platform with new references

Locate Each Instance of Supporting Evidence Throughout the Scientific Platform

As data or competitors evolve, update multiple bibliographies throughout the platform with a click.

Filters to search for information

Locate Information Efficiently

User research identified preferred search strategies. Clear, concise search filters provide a flexible, yet guided search experience. 

The Solution: Keep Global Brand Teams Current and in Sync

Different people seeing the same information on a smartphone

Update Brand Teams With News About the Scientific Story, Competitors, or Brand Activity

We integrated CRM functionality so Medical Affairs could quickly update team members around the world. Email functionality enabled brand teams to send queries to Medical Affairs that included links to the platform content and the supporting evidence at issue. 

Sharing information with multiple people

Inspire Sharing Across Local Brand Teams

Save-for-export functionality simplified production of localized content assets. When a brand team in one country created a promotional or educational asset, the asset and its approved bundle of platform content was added to the portal. Brand teams in other countries then created localized versions.

Double Down on High-Performing Content

Tracking Monitors Asset Use and System Users

Tracking functionality identifies the most frequently accessed content and references and who’s using it. This enabled brand teams around the world to share winning approaches and identify messages and content in need of optimizing. 

Speak With One Voice

We applied Why not? and What if? thinking to break down the wall that separated medical and scientific rationale from its evidence. By creating a unified content management and CRM system that’s accessible online by any device, Medical Affairs teams better managed the scientific story while automatically locking in version control. Brand teams around the world gained peace of mind knowing that the content they were creating is current and compliant. Both groups obtained a new channel for more rapid and efficient communication

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