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Challenge: Increase Brand Impressions And Engagement In a Crowded OTC Market

Zicam®, the leading cold-shortening medicine, competes in the crowded cough/cold/allergy/sinus category. With an ultimate goal of expanding brand reach, the Zicam® team sought to increase digital brand engagement, reduce cost per engagement, and increase the number of email subscribers, while holding media spend flat year over year.

191% increase in impressions
149% increase in clicks
= 4% increase in conversations
55% decrease in cost per click

Solution and Results

Analysis of pay-per-click (PPC) data revealed that additional targeting of customers and active management of bidding strategies would produce efficiencies and increase engagement. Bidding strategies were aligned with cold season incidence data to optimize campaign performance. Analysis of direct mail campaigns revealed that click-through rates would benefit from ongoing A/B testing of subject lines and reengagement with nonperforming targets. 

Along with increasing coupon downloads (41%), impressions (191%), and clicks (149%) while decreasing cost per click by 55%, reorganizing and optimizing SEM tactics increased website sessions by 84%, ad clicks by 86% and new email sessions by 92%. We’re pleased with these results, but not content. Arteric software engineers are now developing natural language processing algorithms to further enhance search engine marketing (SEM) performance. 

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84% increase in website sessions

86% increase in ad clicks

92% increase in new email sessions

55% decrease in cost per click

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