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    Headline "An Opportunity Awaits" above a haystack with a needle sticking out of its top

    Hans Kaspersetz


    September 26, 2018

    Structured Data Will Help You Engage With Customers, If You Stop Ignoring It

    The brand teams responsible for the 10 top-selling pharmaceuticals from 2017 are doing marvelous work. Competing against similarly talented teams, they’ve steered their products toward the top of the sales chart. 

    Here’s the But. All of these top-performing brands are missing an opportunity to further engage their audiences. They largely or completely exclude structured data from their branded websites for consumers and healthcare professionals (HCPs). As a result, they overlook a tactic that can positively impact page rank, increase the likelihood of their content appearing in a featured snippet, and boost their content’s chances of being included in an audible answer from a smart speaker. 

    Absence of Structured Data

    In the consumer websites for these top 10 brands, 5 of 40 pages across 4 categories (home page, about the disease, mechanism of action, and FAQ) include structured data (Appendix 1). In the professional sites, one of the 30 pages across 3 categories (home page, dosing, and efficacy) contain structured data.1 

    Bar graph. Of 40 pages in consumer healthcare websites, only 5 pages contained structured data. Of 30 pages in websites for healthcare professionals, only 1 page contained structured data.

    In contrast, marketers in other industries are applying structured data more aggressively. In 2017, Web crawls indicated that up to one third of commercial websites contained structured data.2,3 

    Bar graph: From the year 2012 to 2017, the number of commercial websites deploying the 3 major markup formats.

    What Is Structured Data?

    Structured data refers to a standardized format for providing information to search engines, to clarify the context and meaning of Web page content. This format consists of properties and values organized into groups called schemas. At the end of this article, we provide a deeper explanation of structured data and schemas (Appendix 2).

    Why Should My Brand Implement Structured Data? 

    Imagine that your content is the needle in the massive haystack that is the Internet. Structured data have been shown to positively influence page rank, which improves the likelihood that your content will be found. Structured data also enhance the prospects that your content will appear in a featured snippet, making your content more visible in the haystack and increasing the likelihood that it will be served as an answer to a voice search.4,5,6 Our own experience supports these findings. For 2 years, we’ve included structured data as a component of our organic SEO strategy for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and CPG branded, unbranded, corporate, and clinical trials recruitment websites. Evidence indicates that structured data enhance website performance for our clients. In one case for an HCP branded website, combining structured data with other onsite optimizations and content led to a 202% growth in organic search (August 18 vs August 17). Two separate articles from Arteric’s blog provide an in-depth review of the impact of structured data on organic search and voice search

    Why Else? Helping Search Engines Display Your Content in the Search Results

    Structured data also enable search engines to display rich, high-value search results in user-friendly layouts and formats. As a result, search results display a large variety and quantity of visually emphatic information to inspire conversions. There is evidence that search results that include rich elements have higher click-through rates.

    example of enhanced search engine results for OTC brand and knowledge box for mayo clinic

    Don’t Ignore This Opportunity

    If anyone had doubts regarding Google’s focus on structured data, Google engineer Gary Illyes addressed them at the 2017 Pubcon conference7:

    "Next year, there will be two things we want to focus on. 
    The first is structured data. You can expect more applications for structured data…"

    Google kept their word by expanding and enhancing their guidelines and training materials and expanding support for new schemas.

    In July and August of 2018, Google expanded support for an existing schema and announced support for 3 new schemas:

    • “Dataset”: organizes data into tables 
    • “FAQPage,” “QAPage,” and “HowTo,”: generate question-based layouts
    4 cell phones showing how search results appear when using these 4 schema: Dataset, QAPage, FAQPage and HowTo
    Search results displaying data from Web pages with the schemas Dataset, QAPage, FAQ, and HowTo, respectively. (Images are representative, not actual.)

    In theory, these schemas create the opportunity for healthcare marketers to bolster search results with expanded information in emphatic formats. Brand teams could use the Dataset schema to display tables of efficacy data, use the HowTo schema to share dosing information, and use the FAQPage schema to transmit the information and impact of an FAQ page directly into a search result. 

    Engage Structured Data to Engage With Your Audience 

    Google’s commitment to structured data as a method for enhancing search engine performance and the user experience began several years ago and is accelerating. By clarifying meaning and context for search engines and by providing rich information that informs smart click-throughs, structured data provide an everything-to-gain upside that we encourage brand teams to exploit. Our experience over 2 years is in line with the rapid integration of structured data across other industries. Healthcare marketers would be well served to follow suit and apply structured data. 

    Work With Arteric 

    Adding rich markup and schema represents another round in the evolution of Arteric’s world-class SEO practice. As we’ve done for decades, we’ll continue to monitor search engine trends and perform the research that prepares our clients’ brands to succeed today and for where the search algorithms will be in the future. Contact me to schedule a 15-minute introductory call to discuss how to build brand wins with structured data.

    Call me at 201.558.7929 or Email Me.

    RFP Support

    If you would like Arteric to respond to your RFP or RFI, please email to rfp@arteric.com


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    Appendix 1: Use of Structured Data in Consumer and HCP Websites of the Top 10 Rx Brands for 2017

    Website pages were evaluated for the presence of structured data by using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool (https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool). Data are current as of September 18, 2018. 

    Table 1. Consumer: Home/Gatekeeper

    Brand Structured Data URL
    Humira N https://www.humira.com/rheumatoid-arthritis
    Eylea N https://www.eylea.us/?WHGRedir=1
    Revlimid Y https://www.revlimid.com/
    RItuxan N https://www.rituxanforra.com/
    Enbrel Y https://www.enbrel.com/
    Herceptin N https://www.herceptin.com/
    Eliquis N https://www.eliquis.bmscustomerconnect.com/
    Avastin N https://www.avastin.com/patient/mcrc.html
    Remicade N https://www.remicade.com/
    Xarelto Y https://www.xarelto-us.com/

    Table 2. Consumer: About Disease

    Brand Structured Data URL
    Humira N https://www.humira.com/rheumatoid-arthritis/what-is-rheumatoid-arthritis  
    Eylea N https://www.eylea.us/amd/what-is-wet-age-related-macular-degeneration
    Revlimid N https://www.revlimid.com/mm-patient/about-multiple-myeloma/
    RItuxan N http://www.rituxan.com/hem/patient/nhl
    Enbrel N https://www.enbrel.com/
    Herceptin N https://www.herceptin.com/about
    Eliquis N https://www.eliquis.bmscustomerconnect.com/afib
    Avastin N https://www.avastin.com/patient/rgbm.html
    Remicade N https://www.remicade.com/crohns-disease
    Xarelto N https://www.xarelto-us.com/atrial-fibrillation/how-afib-causes-stroke

    Table 3. Consumer: How Treatment Works

    Brand Structured Data URL
    Humira N https://www.humira.com/rheumatoid-arthritis/how-humira-works-for-ra
    Eylea N https://www.eylea.us/amd/about-eylea
    Revlimid N https://www.revlimid.com/mm-patient/about-revlimid/how-revlimid-works/
    RItuxan N http://www.rituxan.com/hem/patient/what-is-rituxan
    Enbrel Y https://www.enbrel.com/rheumatoid-arthritis/how-enbrel-works-ra
    Herceptin N https://www.herceptin.com/breast/herceptin
    Eliquis N https://www.eliquis.bmscustomerconnect.com/afib/the-science-of-eliquis
    Avastin N https://www.avastin.com/patient/mcrc/about/how-avastin-works.html
    Remicade N https://www.remicade.com/crohns-disease/how-does-remicade-work
    Xarelto N https://www.xarelto-us.com/about-xarelto/how-xarelto-works

    Table 4. Consumer: FAQ/Resources

    Brand Structured Data URL
    Humira N https://www.humira.com/rheumatoid-arthritis/frequently-asked-questions
    Eylea N https://www.eylea.us/amd/resources/faq
    Revlimid N https://www.revlimid.com/mm-patient/resources/
    RItuxan N http://www.rituxan.com/hem/patient/resources
    Enbrel Y https://www.enbrel.com/support/faq
    Herceptin N https://www.her2treatment.com/herconnection-registration.html?intc=regfromherceptin
    Eliquis N https://www.eliquis.bmscustomerconnect.com/afib/faq
    Avastin N https://www.avastin.com/patient/mcrc/about/how-avastin-works.html
    Remicade N https://www.remicade.com/crohns-disease/helpful-resources
    Xarelto N https://www.xarelto-us.com/about-xarelto/frequently-asked-questions

    Table 5. HCP: Home/Gatekeeper

    Brand Structured Data URL
    Humira N https://www.humirapro.com/
    Eylea N https://hcp.eylea.us/?ecid=PSEYHCP-GSN-Branded-General-EYLEA
    Revlimid N https://www.revlimid.com/mds-hcp/
    RItuxan N https://www.rituxanforra-hcp.com/?_ga=2.76753693.984159666.1534441913-1614631861.1534441913
    Enbrel Y https://www.enbrel.com/hcp
    Herceptin N https://www.herceptin.com/hcp/
    Eliquis N https://www.eliquis.com/eliquis/hcp
    Avastin N https://www.avastin-hcp.com/?_ga=2.154417789.433598672.1534517575-479112142.1534517575
    Remicade N http://www.remicadehcp.com/crohns-disease
    Xarelto N https://www.xareltohcp.com/

    Table 6. HCP: Dosing

    Brand Structured Data URL
    Humira N https://www.humirapro.com/rheumatology/dosing
    Eylea N https://hcp.eylea.us/about/dosing
    Revlimid N https://www.revlimid.com/mds-hcp/dosing/dosing-schedule/
    RItuxan N https://www.rituxanforra-hcp.com/dosing/6-month-interval/
    Enbrel N https://www.enbrel.com/hcp/about/dosing-and-administration
    Herceptin N https://www.herceptin.com/hcp/treatment/adjuvant/dosing
    Eliquis N https://www.eliquis.com/eliquis/hcp/dosing
    Avastin N https://www.avastin-hcp.com/about-avastin/dosing.html
    Remicade N http://www.remicadehcp.com/crohns-disease/dosing
    Xarelto N https://www.xareltohcp.com/nonvalvular-atrial-fibrillation/dosing/dose-information

    Table 7. HCP: Clinical Data/Efficacy

    Brand Structured Data URL
    Humira N https://www.humirapro.com/rheumatology/rheumatoid-arthritis-clinical-data
    Eylea N
    [dosing and efficacy data occupy the same page]
    Revlimid N https://www.revlimid.com/mm-hcp/newly-diagnosed/efficacy/progression-free-survival/
    RItuxan N https://www.rituxanforra-hcp.com/efficacy/reflex-trial/
    Enbrel N https://www.enbrel.com/hcp/why-enbrel/efficacy-rheumatoid-arthritis
    Herceptin N https://www.herceptin.com/hcp/treatment/adjuvant/studies
    Eliquis N https://www.eliquis.com/eliquis/hcp/stroke-risk-reduction-nvaf/efficacy-safety
    Avastin N https://www.avastin-hcp.com/indications/mcrc/efficacy-data.html
    Remicade N http://www.remicadehcp.com/crohns-disease/clinical-data/clinical-response
    Xarelto N https://www.xareltohcp.com/nonvalvular-atrial-fibrillation/clinical-trials

    Appendix 2: How Structured Data Work

    Consider the situation where a search engine crawling your brand’s website encounters the term “patient support.” Without context, the search engine’s algorithms would have difficulty in determining whether the page content relates to a prescription co-pay plan or to a social worker with a great deal of patience. As a result, when a potential customer searches Google or Bing with the query, “Where can I get help paying for Super Drug?”, the search engine is less likely to include your website in the search response. 

    Structured data provide the context that clarifies the meaning and intent of website content. Had your website’s code included the structured data from the table below, the search engine would more likely conclude that your page contained information about drug co-pay plans. As a result, the content of your Web page may be included in the search response.

    Schema Property Value
    Drug activeIngredient Compound X
      administrationRoute oral
      dosageForm tablets
      relevantSpecialty cardiology
      description Super Drug™ (compound X) is a prescription medicine approved as an adjunct therapy to diet to reduce the risk of MI, stroke, and angina. 
    Super Drug™
      url http://www.superdrug.com
      drugClass HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor
      mechanismOfAction Selectively inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, the rate-limiting enzyme that converts 3-hydroxy-3-
    methylglutaryl-coenzyme A to mevalonate