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    Silas Kim next to a banner that states “Arteric welcomes Slias Kim, Talent Acquisition Manager”]

    Alan Gerstein

    Content Strategist and Writer

    December 7, 2018

    A Talent for Finding Talent

    Visitors to Arteric are strongly advised to wear comfortable shoes. Thanks to Talent Acquisition Manager Silas Kim, open seats are nonexistent during the most explosive period of growth in Arteric’s 20-plus year history.

    Competition for top-tier digital talent — developers, project managers, client service representatives, and creatives — is brutal and fierce. Arteric’s expectations for high levels of integrity, intellect, and skill add to the recruiting challenge. Silas met these challenges by combining honesty, thoughtfulness, and deep questioning to identify candidates who not only could do the job, but wanted to do the job. 

    Finding the Keepers 

    Lloyd McGarrigal, software development manager at Arteric, expands on the demands of talent search and acquisition in the healthcare digital space. “New business opportunities required rapid expansion of the development team. We needed to quickly find several gifted programmers across multiple technical disciplines. Silas’s rigorous detective work and ability to communicate openly and connect authentically with candidates located the needles in the haystack that filled our needs.”

    “Helping Arteric win the recruiting wars only partially describes the value that Silas adds,” states Kevin Doherty, who oversees Arteric’s human resource function. “Silas is helping to optimize the talent acquisition and development process while tackling nontraditional projects to accommodate Arteric’s expansion.” 

    Silas shared these thoughts on joining Arteric. “I want to build long-term relationships, so my objective is to bring in people who want to grow and want to help grow the organization. This approach aligns extremely well with the Arteric environment. New ways of working and novel thinking are encouraged and rewarded. Every day provides opportunities to excel. I work alongside the people I recruit, and it’s rewarding to watch their careers evolve.”  

    Work for Arteric

    For 2 decades, Arteric has helped pharmaceutical brands, biotechnology brands, and healthcare organizations create life-changing experiences through feature-rich, defect-free software. Contact Silas to join a team that connects patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to the health information patients need to live longer, healthier lives.

    Call us at 201.558.7929 and ask for Silas, or  Email US.

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