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    Arteric welcomes Kannaki Ramamoorthy, quality assurance manager

    Alan Gerstein

    Content Strategist and Writer

    January 4, 2019

    Arteric’s New Quality Assurance Manager Is Looking for Trouble

    Torturing Software to Delight Clients 

    “Looking for trouble?” Ask this question of Kannaki Ramamoorthy, and she’ll say with a broad smile and cheerful expression, “I most certainly am. Every minute of every day at Arteric. And loving it.” Unbridled joy at probing for flaws in software drives the person who now leads Arteric’s quality assurance (QA) team. 

    Kannaki and her team search for software defects throughout development by applying a continuous QA process that begins prior to kickoff. At traditional digital agencies, QA begins late in the product development cycle. Unfortunately, their late start allows software bugs to accumulate and cause domino effects that delay development and increase cost.

    Kannaki originally planned to develop software, not to become a relentless exterminator of software bugs. After obtaining a master’s degree in computer science and applications, Kannaki joined the development team in an organization that developed enterprise solutions. During a rotation through the quality assurance department, Kannaki discovered her passion for analyzing software in ways that produced a final product that would excel without fail. Her talent for flushing out software defects that would blemish performance or the user experience fueled her rise to team leader and to manager of quality assurance functions. 

    "Arteric's mission requires that we produce software that works everywhere, every time," states Lloyd McGarrigal, software development manager. "We achieve this mission by applying a mixture of rigorous manual and automated testing. Kannaki's experience and attention to detail help us to implement testing programs that ensure product performance and delight clients.”

    Kannaki shares these thoughts on joining Arteric. “Arteric’s emphasis on quality is palpable. From the top of the organization on down, nobody compromises on performance for any reason. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in my career. These attitudes create an inspirational environment for quality professionals. The hours are long, but the pride in our products’ performance and the feedback from our clients make it worthwhile.” 

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