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    Hans Kaspersetz


    August 7, 2018

    Getting Personal at FutureTech Pharma

    A report by Google and McKinsey and Company indicates that 59% of online customers expect their healthcare system to match the custom-crafted experience that Amazon provides.1 

    Marketers have taken note. 

    The Gartner Group reports that 64% of chief marketing officers apply or plan to apply personalization technology.2 Dozens of marketing technologies can generate data that brand teams could leverage to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.3 However, one survey reported that the majority of marketers (56%) are overwhelmed by the volume of data that marketing technology generates.4 

    To help marketers go from can and could to did and done with their personalization strategies, Medical Marketing & Media organized a workshop titled FutureTech Pharma. The sessions focused on how technology and data establish and enhance connections with audiences. Healthcare marketing leaders discussed case studies that demonstrated how an appropriate blend of marketing tech and strategy creates durable emotional bonds. You can read summaries of all these sessions in this eBook. During my session, I shared Arteric’s use of artificial intelligence to uncover a previously hidden demographic for a leading OTC cold and cough remedy. The AI data helped the client communicate with audiences in a more personalized and authentic voice.

    After the workshop, I delved more deeply into the workshop issues and related topics with Larry Dobrow, senior editor with MM&M. View the video to hear what we discussed. 

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