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    Hans Kaspersetz leading a conference panel and a banner stating "Driving Better Customer Relationships"

    Ross O'Shea

    Director of Marketing

    September 28, 2018

    Helping Healthcare Brands Take Things Personally

    The good news: healthcare marketers are working hard to personalize their content and the user experience as effectively as do Amazon and Netflix. 

    The bad news: healthcare marketers don’t often succeed, but this situation will improve courtesy of a recent gathering of healthcare marketing leaders.

    On September 27 at Marketing Health: The Conference, in New York City, Arteric President and Chief Strategist Hans Kaspersetz joined other digital marketing thought leaders to help healthcare marketers accelerate their personalization programs. Hans moderated a conference panel titled “Paging Dr. Data: Driving Better Relationships With Smarter Segmentation.” Panelists shared insights on how to overcome hurdles to high-resolution segmentation, such as by aggregating, managing, and sharing brand data; how to navigate regulatory issues; and how to apply analytic methodology and technology effectively.

    Meeting of the Healthcare Minds 

    Marketing Health: The Conference, presented by MediaPost, is a leading annual event where marketers from across the healthcare delivery continuum (big pharma, hospital networks, health insurance, and senior care) meet to share and analyze the latest trends in healthcare digital marketing strategy and technology. The panelists include Dr. Gabrielle Bedewi, Chief Analytics Officer, Butler/Till;  Brian Deffaa, CMO, LifeBridge Health; Justin Freid, EVP, Managing Director, CMI/Compas; and  Shonel Morrison, Associate Director, Media, AstraZeneca.  

     “Marketers must obtain a comprehensive and authentic view of their audiences’ individual needs and preferences to deliver a personalized experience,” states Hans. “The panelists’ diverse backgrounds — drug manufacturer, healthcare services provider, and marketing agency — will provide insights from their real-world experience on how to gain this 360-degree perspective.”

    Steve Smith, vice president and editorial director at MediaPost, explained why Hans was selected to lead the panel discussion. "The agency community has been MediaPost’s core constituency and audience for over 20 years. And we rely on moderators like Hans to help our events maintain the same editorial integrity we practice in our journalism —  impartial, always critical of the prevailing digital hype.”

    Hans summarized his participation at the conference this way. “The insights that drive personalization exist in brand-owned data, and the technology exists to mine those insights. But multiple skill sets from across organizations are required to deliver an Amazon-like experience. Meetings such as Marketing Health: The Conference inspired conversations that illuminated  strategic and tactical nuances that make personalization practical for healthcare marketers. It’s very rewarding to have played a role in facilitating great thinkers and practitioners.”  

    Work With Arteric 

    For two decades, Arteric has combined data-guided, experience-driven insight to create competitive advantage for pharmaceutical brands, biotechnology brands, and healthcare organizations. Contact Hans to advance your brand with personalized marketing solutions that work everywhere, every time.

    Call us at 201.558.7929 and ask for Hans, or  Email US.

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    If you would like Arteric to respond to your RFP or RFI, please email us at rfp@arteric.com