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    Don Rodriguez in front of a laptop computer and adjacent to a banner that reads, “Arteric welcomes Don Rodriguez, Director, Analytics and Paid Search”

    Ross O'Shea

    Director of Marketing

    November 20, 2018

    Leadership by the Numbers

    Don Rodriguez Joins Arteric as Director, Analytics and Paid Search 

    Don Rodriguez has an identity crisis that is delighting Arteric’s staff and its burgeoning collection of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare clients. 

    In Don, some colleagues at Arteric see an impossibly curious, irrepressible data analyst. Other colleagues see a quick-thinking, creative-yet-practical marketing strategist. To other teammates, Don is the ultimate teacher, who is as dedicated to sharing his knowledge as he is to extracting every possible insight from client data. 

    Hans Kaspersetz, Arteric’s president and chief strategist, sees all this and more. “Don possesses a rare blend of analytical prowess, strategic experience, and hands-on skill. He has successfully executed digital marketing and ecommerce campaigns across a broad spectrum of brands in B2B and B2C settings. I brought Don to Arteric to build out our analytics, paid search, and insight consulting capabilities. These capabilities paired with our machine-learning practice are the fount that drives insights across our content strategy, UX, design, and web development work. These are core to our growth strategy, and I see Don contributing heavily to our success in these areas.”

    His Days Were Numbered From the Start 

    Don’s fascination with the power of numbers led to a degree in electronic engineering, the most math-intensive engineering discipline. Intrigued by the strategies that drove commercial business success, he obtained an MBA degree with a concentration in marketing from New York University. A firm believer in data-driven marketing before the rise of Google, Don advanced from product manager to director of marketing with profit and loss responsibility, consistently achieving double-digit growth in revenue in multiple industries. 

    Given Google’s continued dominance and Don’s passion for mining market insights from data, Don expanded the depth and breadth of his digital marketing skill. He demonstrated his expertise by increasing eCommerce revenue 98% for his then employer during the 2008 recession and through 2012. For his next employer, he increased digital lead generation by 147% (year over year) even as traffic dropped by 16%. Currently, Don is preparing the next generation of digital marketing leaders by serving as an adjunct professor at the Rutgers Business School. At Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silberman College of Business, Don developed the curriculum for a novel graduate-level digital marketing course that he teaches. 

    Heather Eckhaus, vice president, account director at Arteric, shared these thoughts on working with Don. “Don is a modern-day digital renaissance man who tackles various aspects of digital strategy and media with enthusiasm. Grant him access to Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other data sources and watch his face light up. He has jumped into his role at Arteric with both feet, and his impact has been felt by the entire team. We are lucky to have him aboard, and I look forward to partnering with Don on various client initiatives.” 

    Don added these thoughts on joining Arteric. “I’m excited by the prospect of leveraging data to connect healthcare audiences  with important and potentially life-saving information. Arteric’s focus on quality makes for long hours, but everyone’s unwavering commitment to perfection and doing the right thing is inspiring and comforting. And it’s fun to be around people who like to laugh as much as I do.”

    The feeling is mutual, Don. Welcome to Arteric. 

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