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    Announcing the launch of the new version of

    Hans Kaspersetz


    November 20, 2017

    Wonder What Team Characteristics Lead to a Great Website Build? Let Me Introduce You to Team Arteric.

    Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

    Steve Jobs

    Dear team, 

    I’ve been searching for a way to congratulate you on the spectacular job that you did in creating the new It’s uniquely beautiful, it’s a delight to experience, it shares a wealth of practical information with visitors, and it performs marvelously. 

    Arteric urgently needed to update its branding, messaging, and website. Thanks to your dedication and skill, our business had grown dramatically in volume and scope. We delivered hundreds of projects without fail. We conceived and created novel solutions that other agencies said couldn’t be done or had tried and failed to do. We always came through for our clients, no matter what. Because of your efforts, Arteric has a much bigger story to tell and a wealth of insight to share with our clients. mirrors the qualities that make us unique. Inspirational creativity. Impeccable performance. Untiring industriousness. Never-ending quest for knowledge. Unquestionable integrity. Endless commitment. Selflessness. Uncompromising quality. I’ve watched the team build much larger, more complex sites in less time. But for 14 months and on top of a daunting portfolio of client projects, we crafted, recrafted, and kept recrafting until we were satisfied.  

    I have much to thank you for.   

    You always come through  

    Arteric completed 260 digital healthcare marketing projects infographic

    While the team was crafting, we simultaneously delivered 260 projects without a material failure. Among these projects are websites that have been approved in 35 markets and have been viewed by 6 million people, in 28 languages, in 150 countries.

    While many of these hundreds of projects were based on smart processes that generated fast, repeatable results, many weren’t clones that could be cranked out on an assembly line. They were carefully researched, designed, programmed, tested, and promoted bespoke solutions that solve our customers’ business problems.

    The capability to work at a very high operational tempo, delivering quality results, is uniquely Arteric. We might be small in number, but we’re colossal in tenacity. You created while thrilling our clients with projects delivered on time, on budget, and on the leading edge of strategy and effectiveness. 

    Quality first. Quality always.

    Arteric's 100% project completion rate versus an industry best 72%

    You worked evenings and weekends and, as always, never compromised on quality. You held true to your legacy of creating efficiencies, but never taking shortcuts. You improved existing processes and developed new ones. You pushed the limits of software features and created functionality that didn’t exist previously. You did what you always do — pulled together to find a way to get things done. 

    And you did so brilliantly, just as you do on every project that you touch. 

    Rising to challenges

    I challenged you to share the wisdom that you’ve accumulated over the course of decades.

    You responded by highlighting the principles that we apply to accelerate development of digital marketing tactics while ensuring impeccable performance. And, you share these perspectives while delivering a clear picture of who we are, what we do, and the business problems that we solve for pharmaceutical and biotechnology brand marketers. shares infinite wisdom, develops new technology, and provides a unique user experience

    I challenged you to build the site with software technology that you hadn’t used previously.

    We’ve done this time and time again for our clients. When we encounter a technology that provides competitive advantage, we master it. And that’s exactly what you achieved when you implemented a new content management platform for the first time to create And now you’re developing artificial intelligence technology to enhance search engine marketing and content strategy for our clients. You never turn away from an opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible.  

    I challenged you to create a unique experience. 

    You responded with a future-ready, intuitive experience that addresses the design challenges that healthcare marketers must overcome to accommodate virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. You bucked several trends to employ a horizontal layout that leverages background depth in a strategy ready-made for 3-dimensional technologies. 

    You implemented sliding horizontal panels to provide a user experience that breaks up long-form content into scannable message segments. Within each panel, you fused typography and imagery to make key points jump off the screen and into the reader’s eyes. Your strategy delivers the SEO benefits of long-form content without forcing readers to scroll through excessively long vertical pages containing walls of words.

    An incredible team

    Agency life is relentless. Deadlines forever loom, and the pace of business accelerates. And, with your mindsets, there’s nothing routine about our daily routine. Blame yourselves for that. You’re a team that’s never content to do what others have done, and better is never good enough. I might not always show it, but I never forget that it’s your creativity and sweat that connect millions of people with the health information that helps them live longer, healthier lives. For them and for myself, I thank you. We’re lucky to have you at Arteric. 


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    Hans Kaspersetz, president and chief strategist at Arteric

    Our president and chief strategist,
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