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    Featured in Digital Pharma Spotlight

    Hans Kaspersetz


    October 24, 2017

    Insights and Inspirations from Digital Pharma East

    Digital Pharma East is one of the healthcare industry’s most eagerly anticipated events. This year’s sessions did not disappoint. The conference focused on the impact of disruptive digital technology on product promotion and audience engagement, a topic that resonates strongly with everyone at Arteric.

    The conference organizers asked me to share some thoughts on technology trends and other issues discussed at the meeting. As a passionate technologist, I am leading the charge at Arteric as we develop artificial intelligence (AI) integrated technology that improves brands’ ability to personalize their content, generate new insights such as audience segment behavior, inform conversational design, and generate innovative content strategies.

    As you might be able to tell, I am very excited about the topic and its impact on brands. The models that marketers apply to connect audiences with their content are undergoing a tectonic shift. We are moving from content strategy and generalized answers to conversational design and ultrapersonalization. Understanding the role that data and AI play in this revolution, knowing how and when to apply AI, and ensuring that your brand collects and retains relevant data will result in a competitive advantage that will be difficult for slower competitors to overcome.

    Arteric is focused on providing end-to-end solutions and insights to our customers and their teams. As digital natives and technologists, we believe that AI is a discipline we are uniquely suited to explore with our customers. I look forward to continuing the conversation on AI and the other strategies that were featured at the conference. Helping brands make informed, strategic choices about how to connect with consumers is what we do every day, so I look forward to speaking with you. But before then, I have several thoughts on the subject that I share in the video below.

    If you prefer to listen to a more detailed discussion that explains how we’re using AI and machine learning to enhance healthcare digital marketing campaigns, listen to the podcast of my interview on Life Science Marketing Radio below. Should you have any questions, please call me at 201.558.7929.


    We would like to thank our partners, Storyvine and the Digital Pharma Series, for the opportunity to participate in this program.

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    Hans Kaspersetz, president and chief strategist at Arteric

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