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Congratulations to our agency partners. McCann Wienn and McCann Health London

Hans Kaspersetz

President and Chief Strategist

August 20, 2017

How to Partner for Success in an Award-Winning Campaign

Psoriasis is one of the healthcare challenges that our clients help patients deal with. Most people think of psoriasis as a skin problem. Few people realize that psoriasis poses risks that go far beyond skin lesions, and that psoriasis can even be life-threatening. Research indicates an increased risk of depression, anxiety and even suicide in people with psoriasis.1 In addition, psoriasis is associated with often-debilitating psoriatic arthritis.2 A survey published in 2013 found that 31.4% of patients with moderate psoriasis and 46.4% with severe psoriasis also suffered from psoriatic arthritis.3

The Golden Scalpel Award

Helping a client support the psoriasis-care community carries its own rewards, but we’re also gratified when our work is recognized by the healthcare marketing community. We were thrilled when a patient-activation campaign for Celgene Österreich (Austria) — Rise Up Against Psoriasis — developed in collaboration with McCann Healthcare London, won a coveted Golden Scalpel award in the category Digital Media non-RX/non-OTC. The Golden Scalpel awards, which are presented by Pharma Marketing Club Austria, represent best-in-class pharmaceutical advertising in Austria. Two juries of industry experts — one with general marketing expertise and the other with digital marketing expertise — selected the award recipients.

Seamless Collaboration Across Partners and Time Zones

Arteric developed and implemented, the campaign’s website centerpiece, in a seamless collaboration across 3 time zones with the client, McCann Healthcare London, and McCann Wien. Working in unison with multiple partners across time zones is nothing new for Arteric. Since 1999, we’ve helped brands share life-changing information with 6 million people speaking 28 languages in 35 approved markets and 150 countries.

Our decades of experience with multiagency projects and fluency in the language of marketers and technology teams explains why this partnership was as smooth as it was successful. As Jonathan Kukathasan, General Manager of McCann Healthcare London, explained, “While developing the Rise Up Against Psoriasis campaign, we worked alongside key partners to ensure that it was a success. As the creative agency, we enjoyed working with Arteric, which played a critical role. It was great working alongside them to create this campaign and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

While developing the Rise Up Against Psoriasis campaign, we worked alongside key partners to ensure that it was a success. As the creative agency, we enjoyed working with Arteric, which played a critical role. It was great working alongside them to create this campaign and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Maximize Engagement

The Rise Up Against Psoriasis campaign was developed to motivate patients who disengage from the healthcare system to visit dermatologists and seek treatment. The campaign has been successful because it authentically speaks to the psoriasis sufferer’s daily struggles with the disease — it calls out to all those directly and indirectly affected by psoriasis, sending the essential message that help is available.

The website applies 4 tactics to engage site visitors and deliver these messages:

  1. A short movie follows 3 people through their daily struggles to help psoriasis sufferers recognize that they are not alone.
  2. A quiz based on the Dermatology Life Quality Index helps psoriasis sufferers quantify the impact of the disease on their daily lives.4
  3. A physician finder connects psoriasis sufferers to local dermatologists.
  4. A discussion guide creates the foundation for a successful conversation with the physician.

 To maximize engagement, we performed extensive A/B testing to define the optimal location for a pop-up callout to the quiz. The research also identified the frequency in which the callout should appear.

To further enhance engagement, the website’s attractive, fully responsive design prominently displays the callouts to the survey and the physician finder on screens of any size. And to guide future campaign development, our Search and Development teams instrumented the website to track engagement and provide insights about visitors.

Maximize ROI

Maximum value at the optimal investment is the hallmark of every Arteric project. We optimize development costs by including only essential, pivotal functionality. Unnecessary complexity complicates software development, increasing the risk of cost overages and delays. As we worked with multiple partners in the creation of, our domestic and international teammates likewise embraced this focus on essential, pivotal functionality. With two decades of multinational, multiagency experience behind us, we used well-established processes to get everyone to agree on strategy long before kickoff.

Another approach that we use for containing short- and long-term costs is to apply standards-based, open-source development technologies. This policy allows clients to avoid vendor lock-in. While we give clients every reason to work solely with Arteric, our use of nonproprietary development technologies gives our clients the option to work with the vendor of their choice throughout their project’s lifespan.

We maximized the ROI of by developing the site with technology and design choices to accommodate hyperlocalized content in multiple languages, in the event that expansion websites are launched in other countries in the future.

Perpetually Improve

Whether we work alone or with partner agencies, the conception, development and implementation of persuasive multilanguage digital marketing tactics across time zones involves challenges beyond those in domestic projects. Arteric’s digital veterans use field-proven, continually optimized processes as well as overcommunication to keep all parties informed, thus minimizing risk and ensuring a smooth experience for all involved. Given comments such as “When I give a project to Arteric, I don’t have to worry"5 and a 100% project completion record, we’re highly confident in our approach, but we are never content.

At Arteric, the quest for improvement never ends.


For two decades, Arteric has worked directly with healthcare clients and partnered seamlessly with their service providers to develop award-winning websites, mobile apps, and Web applications that drive multichannel campaigns and enhance marketing operations. Contact Arteric at 201.558.7929 or email our Client Services Team to put Arteric’s digital marketing expertise and exceptional software engineering skill to work for your brand.


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  5. Vice President, Big Biotech

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Hans Kaspersetz, president and chief strategist at Arteric

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