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Hans Kaspersetz

President and Chief Strategist

May 31, 2019

Helping Healthcare Marketers Catch the AI Wave

Healthcare marketers continually hear about the transformative powers of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Relevant and impactful examples where AI and ML were successfully applied in the real world of a healthcare digital marketing team are much more difficult to come by. 

That situation changed at 4 p.m. on May 14, during the 2019 meeting of the Biopharma eMarketing Summit at the San Diego Marriott in La Jolla, California. At that time, Arteric President and Chief Strategist Hans Kaspersetz shared 2 case studies drawn from Arteric’s 3 years of AI experience, during his presentation “AI—Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers. Detecting Weak-But-Important Signals of Customer Behavior.” 

Leverage artificial intelligence to achieve business goals 

The first case study described how insights extracted from brand data were transformed into a content strategy that enabled a blockbuster brand to more effectively engage with target audiences. The brand’s AI-enhanced strategy produced a 202% year-over-year growth in traffic. In the second case study, AI-accelerated data analysis uncovered a new target audience for a leading OTC cough, cold, and allergy brand. This and other findings enabled the brand to exceed their targets two years in a row. Arteric’s work with AI was featured in the May 2018 issue of Medical Marketing and Media and discussed in podcasts streamed on Life Science Marketing Radio. 

More than 200 marketing and commercial leaders from across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare delivery spectrum participated in the summit. The Biopharma eMarketing Summit series is highly regarded and eagerly anticipated for its focus on solving healthcare’s most vexing business problems. For 3 days, thought leaders and audiences engaged in panel discussions, case studies, roundtables, “TED-style” talks, keynotes, and hands-on workshops. Every session across the comprehensive agenda tackled a real-world digital marketing challenge and dissected the solution that drove success.  

Simon Curtis, Co-Founder and CEO of Curtis & Coulter, the organizer of Biopharma eMarketing Summit, realized the high expectations that he established for this year’s meeting. "The cross section of health and technology is now, more than ever, driving disruption in the way healthcare consumers engage each other, “stated Mr. Curtis. “The 2019 BioPharma and MedDev eMarketing Summit delved deep into this dramatically evolving space and shed new light into the direction of industry in response. We were truly excited to have experts such as Hans Kaspersetz and Arteric discuss the practical application of AI to enhance digital marketing campaign strategies this year. The 2019 BioPharma eMarketing Summit helped healthcare marketing professionals tackle and navigate many of the biggest challenges and opportunities in today's healthcare digital marketing."

Hans summarized his thoughts on speaking at this conference. “Sharing knowledge is a core principle at Arteric, and aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Biopharma eMarketing Summit. Transforming the complexities of AI into practical guidance for healthcare professionals was gratifying. Equally valuable are the new perspectives from the audience and fellow faculty that I will subsequently share throughout Arteric. This is the reason I look forward to this and future events sponsored by Simon Curtis and Mark Coulter.”

Work With Arteric 

For 2 decades, Arteric has helped pharmaceutical brands, biotechnology brands, and healthcare organizations transform leading-edge technology into competitive advantage. Contact Hans to schedule a 15-minute introductory call to discuss how to convert disruptive technology into revolutionary wins. 

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Hans Kaspersetz, president and chief strategist at Arteric

Our president and chief strategist,
Hans Kaspersetz, and the Arteric Team will help you achieve amazing results.

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