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    Hans Kaspersetz next to a title banner "Hans Kaspersetz presented at BioPharma eMarketing Summit West

    Ross O'Shea

    Director of Marketing

    May 28, 2018

    Opening Minds and Uncovering Market Insights at Biopharma eMarketing Summit West

    Artificial Intelligence: Hype or Super Powers for Healthcare Marketers 

    For two decades, Arteric has led pharmaceutical and biotech brand teams through the selection and implementation of complex emerging marcom technologies. By scouting the digital landscape and educating clients, Arteric helps marketing teams see opportunities that others miss and transform those events into competitive advantage.

    Arteric’s ongoing education program continued on May 15 at the 2018 BioPharma eMarketing Summit West, where Arteric president and chief strategist Hans Kaspersetz shared two case studies during his presentation titled “AI - Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers. Detecting Weak-but-Important Signals of Customer Behavior.”  Mr. Kaspersetz also sat on a panel with experts from Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs, Astellas, and SoloFire to discuss how to lead organizations into innovation, how to tell stories globally, and what simple questions leaders can ask within their teams to expand their thinking beyond the boundaries of “traditional” healthcare marketing. The panel was led by Ross Toohey of 2e Creative, who shared these thoughts. 

    It was a blast leading a panel with such an exciting collection of marketing minds, and I was exceptionally proud to have my friend Hans on stage with me. Hans brings a unique perspective to the pharma marketing dialogue because he and his firm truly deliver a hybrid of strategic and technological expertise to the healthcare arena. I knew that Arteric’s approach to AI in multilingual consumer engagement would be a fascinating perspective for the audience, and was pleased with how much inspiration and value Hans was able to share with our audience of marketers.

    BioPharma eMarketing Summit West is a TED-style venue that features an audience of more than 200 marketing executives from pharma, biotech, and medical device organizations. At the 2018 event, more than 45 thought leaders from world-class organizations such as Digital Health Coalition, 2e Creative, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Daiichi Sankyo, and Microsoft shared insights and case studies on leading-edge issues such as:

    • Utilizing big data to tell stories and to streamline pipelines
    • Establishing metrics to understand the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy
    • Capitalizing on disruptive marketing  

    “Uncovering the story told by weak but important signals of customer behavior was a central theme emphasized throughout several Biopharma eMarketing sessions,” states Mr. Kaspersetz. “At the core of every Arteric digital strategy are data. Data and digital marketing insights drive crucial business decisions, shape marketing spend, and are essential for deciding how to develop messaging and content to inspire audiences to act. Today, customers are experiencing our brands across hundreds of micro-moments. Anticipating consumer behavior, identifying relevant content topics, and developing a continuous and cohesive customer experience require exceptional listening skills. This is why Arteric is applying artificial intelligence to identify weak but important signals of audience behavior. The key take-away is that your brand must start leveraging AI to uncover these insights. Your competitors are already doing it. Once you fall behind, it is very difficult to catch up.” 

    Mr. Kaspersetz previously discussed the role of AI in healthcare marketing at the East Coast gathering of the Biopharma eMarketing Summit. “We are delighted to have Hans join us in San Diego this year for the BioPharma eMarketing Summit,” states Mark Coulter, co-founder & CEO of conference organizer Curtis & Coulter. “Arteric's expertise and unique perspective on using AI as a tool for healthcare marketers will provide valuable insight into a fascinating and important topic.”

    For Mr. Kaspersetz, sharing Arteric’s experience at meetings like Biopharma eMarketing Summit is a natural fit. “Pushing boundaries and exploring the possibilities that technology creates are central to Arteric’s culture. Conferences like Biopharma eMarketing West attract like-minded thought leaders and audiences. When I share the results of Arteric’s research efforts at venues like this, I consistently come away with new perspectives.”

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