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    Hans Kaspersetz next to a banner "Arteric presented at Future of Customer Engagement"

    Alan Gerstein

    Content Strategist and Writer

    March 4, 2019

    AI: A Recommended Engagement Gift

    In 1962, Stanford University’s internationally renowned Artificial Intelligence Laboratory began developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

    In 2019, on February 21, practical applications of AI to better understand consumer healthcare expectations were discussed on the Stanford campus during the conference titled “Future of Customer Engagement.” This gathering of marketing leaders from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare organizations provided the backdrop for Arteric President and Chief Strategist Hans Kaspersetz to share how Arteric has been leveraging AI to discover unmet audience needs and other insights that are invisible to conventional market research.

    Accelerate Insight Discovery 

    Hans illustrated the accelerating rate of change in anecdotes from his exploration projects and the practical applications of AI in 2 case studies in his presentation, “AI — Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers. Detecting Weak-but-Important Signals of Customer Behavior.” The first case study described how Arteric helped a blockbuster prescription brand uncover the opportunity to more effectively connect with its target audience and tell a richer story. These insights led to a 202% year-over-year growth in traffic. The second case study is for a well-known OTC cold, cough, and allergy brand that uncovered a new target audience that contributed to the brand exceeding its targets 2 years in a row. Arteric’s work with AI was featured in the May 2018 issue of MM&M — Medical Marketing and Media.

    Future of Customer Engagement is the latest conference in the Life Science Leader Summit (LS2) series organized by Arsenal Advisors. LS2 events are renowned for exceptional levels of meaningful and transformational dialogue. As Hans describes, “The discussions at Future of Customer Engagement were remarkable for their depth of thought and for the breadth of industry expertise represented in every session. The intimate, highly interactive sessions inspired conversations that contextualized how we can connect with patients, payers, and healthcare professionals in ways that would have been impossible only a few years ago.”

    Frank Dolan, CEO of Arsenal Advisors, organizers of Future of Customer Engagement, shared these thoughts on the impact of Hans’s session. “The Life Science Leader Summit uniquely provides a private forum of executive peers to discover solutions to the industry’s biggest problems.  It was only appropriate to have the life science industry’s thought leader on AI, Hans Kaspersetz, leading our discussion at Stanford about the gap between where biopharma marketing is today and where it needs to be.”

    Hans shared these observations on the evolution of AI in healthcare marketing. “AI is steadily moving from the fringes of campaign practice toward the center. But guidance to make wise choices regarding when and how to apply AI is lacking. Two years of applying AI to support our clients has enabled us to identify the business problems appropriate for an AI solution and define the elements of success for marketing teams. And, the beauty of sharing insights at an LS2 event is that audience commentary provides perspective that enhances Arteric’s focus and creates a new context for all attendees. Frank is a remarkable organizer and always brings together a world-class group of thought leaders. It’s one of the many reasons I’m grateful to partner with Arsenal Advisors and Frank Dolan.  I look forward to contributing at future events.”

    Work With Arteric 

    For 2 decades, Arteric has helped pharmaceutical brands, biotechnology brands, and healthcare organizations transform leading-edge technology into competitive advantage. Contact Hans to schedule a 15-minute introductory call to discuss how to convert disruptive technology into revolutionary wins. 

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