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    ans Kaspersetz next to banner that states "Appointed to Digital Pharma West Advisory Board"

    Alan Gerstein

    Content Strategist and Writer

    February 22, 2019

    Pushing Boundaries on the Digital Pharma West Advisory Board

    “Exploring the boundaries of the possible” is a core theme that drives everyone at Arteric. It also helps explain why for 2 years, Arteric has been leveraging artificial intelligence solutions to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology brand teams connect healthcare professionals and patients with life-changing information.  

    Pushing boundaries and making disruptive digital technology practical for marketers across the healthcare delivery spectrum also are central to the discussions at Digital Pharma West, one of the healthcare marketing industry’s most eagerly anticipated conferences. To ensure that audiences will be prepared to adopt and integrate emerging digital marketing trends and technology, the organizers of Digital Pharma West recently asked Arteric’s president and chief strategist, Hans Kaspersetz, to join their advisory board. Hans enthusiastically accepted this invitation. 

    Keeping Healthcare Marketers Ahead of the Curve 

    Jayson Mercado, head of digital events for ExL Events and lead organizer for Digital Pharma West, was just as pleased. “We’re looking forward to having Hans on this year’s Digital Pharma West Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of leaders in the world of digital pharmaceutical marketing: specifically, executives from the pharma and biotech industries, as well as the agencies that partner with them. This year’s Board meeting was held at the Novartis Biome health innovation lab in downtown San Francisco. The setting made for an inspiring venue for Hans and the Board to share their latest and greatest successes, in an effort to shape the content, format, and overall discussions that will happen in June at Digital Pharma West. Hans has participated as a speaker at Digital Pharma meetings for years, so we’re lucky to have someone with his expertise helping the team chart the course for the year.” 

    Hans very much looks forward to collaborating with other digital marketing thought leaders and Digital Pharma West to evolve this year’s agenda. “The opportunities and challenges that digital technology creates for healthcare marketers are unprecedented,” explained Hans. “As a member of the Advisory Board, I can help ensure that we stay focused on the four pillars of digital marketing — digital nonpersonal promotion strategy, advanced technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning, drama-free value delivery and production, and data science and analytics — while keeping the end users’ experience at the center of our world. It is my honor to join the esteemed board, and I look forward to contributing my experience.” 

    Stay Ahead of the Curve With Arteric 

    For 2 decades, Arteric has created competitive advantage for healthcare brands by preparing them to succeed in markets however the technology landscape evolves. Contact Hans to schedule a 15-minute introductory call to discuss how to convert disruptive technology into revolutionary wins.

    Call us at 201.558.7929 and ask for Hans, or  Email US.

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