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Buddy Harris joins Arteric as a digital art director

Alan Gerstein

Content Strategist and Writer

June 18, 2019

Meet Buddy Harris, Digital Art Director Like No Other

What do you get when you mix together:

  • A seven-year-old who builds computers 
  • A teen who develops databases 
  • A UX professional who designs environmental spaces in museums 
  • A designer who develops an online experience that teaches glass blowing to novices 
  • A developer who improves the process to rapidly create dozens of tablet and Web-based sales aids for a healthcare and biotech giant

Buddy Harris. 

Arteric is thrilled to announce that Buddy recently joined Arteric’s award-winning creative team as a digital art director. Buddy will apply his rare blend of artistic, digital, and storytelling talent to create memorable and inspiring experiences for healthcare professionals and the people whose lives they touch.

Buddy creates stress-free experiences that simplify the user journey. And he does this with some of the digital agency world’s most interesting perspectives. An experienced glass blower, Buddy developed an interactive training program to teach glass blowing. Buddy transformed his fascination with the organic, responsive nature of hot glass into a responsive, iconographic interface. 

Daryn Henry, Arteric’s creative director, sums up the value that Buddy brings to his colleagues and to Arteric’s clients. “We are really excited to have Buddy join the Arteric creative team. He is somewhat of a unicorn by virtue of his expertise in computer science, Web development, UX, and design, which augurs well for us, given Arteric’s unique offerings and mission. He will play an integral role as we continue to expand our creative repertoire. I am looking forward to collaborating with Buddy to push the boundaries of what design can bring to every digital experience that we touch.”

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