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    2 smartphones showing pages from and banner announcing 2 mobile website awards

    Ross O'Shea

    Director of Marketing

    January 16, 2018

    We Predicted the Future. We Didn’t Predict the Awards.

    Arteric began developing responsive, mobile-optimized websites long before Google’s February 2015 announcement that “mobile friendliness” would become an essential component of their search algorithms. Websites that weren’t mobile ready experienced drops in page rank when the algorithm went into effect 2 months later. All of our clients’ websites were mobile friendly prior to launch of the new algorithm.

    Our early commitment to mobile website excellence reflects Arteric’s design principle that every website and digital asset must function effectively and provide the optimal user experience for at least 18 months after launch. However, we aim to future-proof our deliverables so they pay dividends for years. Lacking a crystal ball, we select and aggressively monitor thought leaders like Google to predict what we will have to do to position our clients for success years down the road. 

    Subsequent surveys of healthcare professionals validate our early focus on mobile excellence. In 2016, 81% of physicians reported using smartphones for work reasons.1 In 2017, 23% of physicians reported using voice interfaces such as Siri and Alexa in their medical practice. Our early adoption and championing of our clients’ brands in mobile led to innovative and durable healthcare, pharma, and biotech digital marketing campaigns that help blockbuster brands launch and grow rapidly. Mobile Website

    The Web Marketing Association (WMA) also rewarded our focus on mobile excellence. The WMA recently honored our corporate healthcare marketing agency website,, with 2 coveted Best in Industry awards. The annual mobile WebAward Competition names the best mobile websites in 96 industries. WMA members include thought leaders from the worlds of Internet marketing, online advertising, public relations, and website design. The panel of judges evaluated 7 criteria: creativity, impact, design, content, interactivity, ease of use, and use of the medium. Each mobile website entry was judged against entries in its industry category and then evaluated against an overall standard of excellence.


    For our audiences, the WMA awards validate our creative and experiential acumen. Ironically, our success in software engineering, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing had masked the accomplishments of a creative team with decades of award-winning experience.

    For us, the awards validate the value of future-forward thinking and placing smart bets on new technologies. This approach explains why we developed artificial intelligence solutions to enhance our clients’ SEO and content strategies and why we’re now preparing brands for screenless interfaces powered by voice-driven online search, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. 

    The awards also validate 2 decades of experimentation and optimization to fuse our technical and creative teams into a single force to develop websites that satisfy the 3 masters of digital marketing success:

    • People
    • Search engines
    • Clients’ goals

    These are succinctly expressed by an Arteric mantra: people consume images and experiences, search engines consume text and relationships, and clients need data and revenue.

    Central image that reads "unified effort provides a 360-degree perspective" surrounded by 3 banners: web planning, development, and governance

    This unified effort enables us to analyze business problems and propose solutions from many viewpoints. It also adds a 360° perspective to every aspect of website planning, development, and governance. The net results are websites and digital marketing solutions that address the needs of all stakeholders: brand teams; medical, legal, and regulatory reviewers; technology teams; and third-party service providers. 

    It also results in attractive trophies.

    Ready to Help

    Over the course of two decades and multiple technology revolutions, Arteric has combined future-forward thinking with experience-driven insight to transform technology into competitive advantage for pharmaceutical brands and healthcare organizations. Contact Hans Kaspersetz at 201.558.7929 to advance your brand with award-winning digital marketing solutions that work everywhere, every time.


    1. Healthcare Client Services. Professional usage of smartphones by doctors. Kantar Media website. Published on November 16, 2016. Accessed January 16, 2018.

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    Arteric combines future-forward thinking with experience-driven insight to transform technology into competitive advantage for pharmaceutical brands and healthcare organizations.


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