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    Ross O'Shea

    Marketing Director

    August 17, 2018

    You Can’t Win Too Many Website Design Awards

    What do the Communicator Awards Competition, the MobileWebAwards Competition, and the Internet Advertising Competition have in common? All three contests have bestowed multiple best-in-class awards on arteric.com.

    3 Competitions. 8 Wins. 

    The Communicator Awards Competition recently honored arteric.com, Arteric's corporate website, with the Award of Excellence in 3 categories: Marketing Self-Promotion, Best Visual Design - Aesthetic, and Website - General Self-Promotion. The Award of Excellence is the Academy's highest honor. In addition, arteric.com received an Award of Distinction in the category Features Visual Appeal - Aesthetic. Arteric.com has now received 8 awards from 3 design competitions.   

    The Communicator Awards program, sanctioned by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA), is international in scope and selects winners from a pool of 6000 entrants. Judges for the competition are selected from media, communications, advertising, creative, and marketing firms such as Condé Nast, Coach, Disney, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Estée Lauder, Lockheed Martin, Viacom Media Networks, Sotheby's Institute of Art, Time Inc, Victoria's Secret, Wired, and Yahoo! 

    “Arteric is known for the performance and quality of our healthcare marketing websites, Web applications, SEO, paid search, and digital strategy work,” states Hans Kaspersetz, Arteric's president and chief strategist. “Building on our proven record, we decided to expand our capabilities with best-in-class design and customer experience capabilities. The result has been a breakout performance by our team in 2017 and 2018, with several awards being earned.“

    Ross O'Shea, the creative director who led the team that designed arteric.com, shares these thoughts. “I have been very fortunate to lead one of the most talented UX, design, SEO, and development teams in the business. We focused on creating a rich and spatial customer experience. Our design leverages three axes, taking the user into z-space and mimicking a virtual reality experience right in the browser. Our goal was to prepare the designs for augmented and virtual reality. To achieve this, the team overcame many performance and functional challenges that emerged across desktop and mobile platforms. One of the accomplishments we are most proud of is having created a rich immersive experience while simultaneously achieving our SEO goals and needs. This has resulted in significant improvements in search rankings, traffic, and conversions.”

    Mr. Kaspersetz summarizes the wins this way, “In recent years, Arteric's story and the services that we provide expanded dramatically in depth and breadth. We needed to show, not tell, our audiences that we have the foresight, skill, and imagination to take clients to where they need to be years down the road. Arteric.com does just that, and it's reassuring that the judges in top-tier design competitions agree.”

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