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    Crystal trophy next to banner "IAC Winner! Best marketing website. Best professional services websites"

    Hans Kaspersetz


    June 15, 2018

    Arteric: Digital Healthcare Marketing Agency or Trophy Studio?

    Latest Awards Follow Wins for Mobile Website Design

    Healthcare marketers who visit Arteric.com expect an immersive experience in which they learn about Arteric’s work, history, and culture. And when they visit Arteric’s Summit, New Jersey headquarters, they get to meet some of the best people working in digital healthcare marketing. Now, visitors will also see another trophy on display. Arteric’s corporate website, Arteric.com, was named Best Marketing Website and Best Professional Services Website during the 2018 Internet Advertising Competition. These awards follow Arteric.com’s 2017 wins for Best Advertising Mobile Website and Best Interactive Services Mobile Website. 

    This annual contest, organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA), is a premier competition that evaluates the best websites in 88 industry verticals. WMA members include thought leaders from the worlds of Internet marketing, online advertising, public relations, and website design. The panel of judges evaluated 7 criteria: creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, use of the medium, and memorability. Each website entry was judged against entries in its industry category and then evaluated against an overall standard of excellence.

    Hans Kaspersetz, Arteric’s president and chief strategist, is thrilled with the recognition and the performance of the updated website. “Arteric is frequently lauded for our software engineering skill. It’s highly rewarding to be recognized by our peers for our creative and strategic skills. We are particularly proud of the content strategy, copywriting, design work, and immersiveness of the experience.” Mr. Kaspersetz continues, “Beyond the user experience and communication aspects, our comprehensive, content-driven approach is delivering positive results. Engagement is up. Sales leads are up. And we’ve been invited to engage in more thought-leadership roles.” 

    Ross O’Shea, vice president, creative director, explains the creative process behind arteric.com. “Every Arteric project is designed and developed to perform effectively for years after launch. For arteric.com, that meant creating designs compatible with a mobile-first world that also accommodate 3-dimensional technologies like virtual and augmented realities. And to optimize user experience and search rankings through SEO, we leverage sliding horizontal panels that break up long-form content into scannable message segments. Within each panel, typography and imagery make key points obvious to the reader.” 

    Arteric.com is where the Arteric team enthusiastically experiments with technology, organic search optimization, content strategy techniques, and innovative human interface design. They then take the most performant aspects and apply them to client projects. 

    “Arteric made a significant capital investment in the development of the platform. This investment created an opportunity for the Arteric team to do some of its best work. I am deeply gratified by the joy and growth this project has brought to the team. The team delivered an incredible effort in creating this master digital work. Their pride of ownership and craftmanship are evident. I am really proud of the team!” Mr. Kaspersetz said. 

    Award-Winning Support

    Over the course of two decades and multiple technology revolutions, Arteric has combined "what if" thinking with experience-driven insight to transform technology into business solutions for pharmaceutical brands and healthcare organizations. Contact Hans Kaspersetz at 201.558.7929 to advance your brand with leading-edge digital marketing solutions that work everywhere, every time.

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