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Hans Kaspersetz

President and Chief Strategist

June 2, 2020

Arteric’s COVID-19 Work From Home and Hiring Strategy!

We hope that you and your loved ones are well during this challenging time. We at Arteric have been extremely fortunate. Our families are in good health, and our business is growing. In the past 12 months, we’ve nearly doubled the size of our team. The extraordinary persistence and industriousness of our team has graced us with multiple new client and brand wins. The most exciting part is that we are supporting 10 major US and global product launches in the next 12 months. This has created opportunities for us to grow our team, and we have positions to fill in our Strategy, Insights, and Media group; our Project Management group; and our Creative and UX group.

Operating at maximum efficiency from home

In this time of uncertainty, Arteric is adapting how we hire, work, and support our team. COVID-19 has certainly impacted our operations. Traditionally, we have been an in-person company because we feel that we achieve the optimum level of creative collaboration when we can look over the desk and have spontaneous face-to-face interactions. On March 12, we decided to convert to a work-from-home company for 3-months, thus implementing a business continuity plan we put in place in 2013 and tested in the weeks leading up to the change. This pivot forced us to examine how we communicate, collaborate, and support each other. This change reinforced the importance of company culture and strong personal connections. Our value system has been invaluable in helping us to navigate this crisis and pull together as a team.

The Leadership Team and I are very pleased with the performance and adaptability of the team. We believe that our decisive actions and transparency have helped everyone continue to perform while caring for their loved ones. My goal is to reinforce the resilience of our team and create confidence in management and the future. As the crisis drags on and we enter into a new phase, it is more critical than ever to communicate clearly, make decisions decisively, and create some semblance of predictability for the team.

We will be evaluating our stance on work-from-home and a potential return to the office at the beginning of June 2020. If we elect to continue to work from home, it is likely that we will set a new 3-month work-from-home period. Thus, we do not have a concrete answer on what the future will hold and how we will structure the company. Please do not let this stand in the way of your decision to speak to us, regardless of your location.

Join us

If you want to work with a world-class team that is deeply engaged on multiple major drug launches, transformative R&D in SEO, lexical analysis, content strategy, and website/email/iCVA builds and that believes in transparency in communication and strategy, you should talk to us. We are hiring the best marketing and technical talent we can find from across industries, especially those hardest hit by the recent layoffs and disruptions.

We pledge to remain transparent, flexible, and committed to doing what is best for the team, our clients, and our collective future.

3 award badges. The first badge cites Arteric being named a Best Place to Work by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M). The second badge cites Arteric’s 32 recent design awards. The third badge cites Arteric’s being named a top 100 healthcare marketing agency by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M).


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Hans Kaspersetz, president and chief strategist at Arteric

Our president and chief strategist,
Hans Kaspersetz, and the Arteric Team will help you achieve amazing results.

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