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Headshot of Paul Lahaski next to a banner that reads, “Arteric welcomes Paul Lahaski, director of project management”

Kevin Doherty


November 20, 2019

Pushing Boundaries in Digital Project Management

Paul Lahaski named director of project management

We’re extremely busy. Since 2018, our business has been growing 30% YOY. 

There’s always room for new clients, but never room for compromise in the quality or timeliness of the projects that we deliver. To continue delighting customers during our dramatic growth, we hired Paul Lahaski to guide the expansion of our project management department. Paul is a Certified ScrumMaster® with a decade of success in wrangling digital marketing projects. He has built and led programs at leading metro New York agencies and at organizations such as the Embrace Kids Foundation.

Developing next-generation project managers 

Paul’s ScrumMaster® skills support his second passion—training, motivating, and inspiring teams of multidisciplinary digital project managers. Paul’s skill at managing complex digital projects are striking. The pride he expresses when describing former charges who now manage their own teams is heartening.

Continual optimization drives everything at Arteric, but we never settle, and neither does Paul. His spirit animal must be a hawk, because he constantly surveys nearby and distant landscapes for opportunities to improve. Paul’s systems thoroughly monitor daily progress and ensure that resources are available to meet or beat short- and medium-term target dates. Simultaneously, his processes provide long-term forecasting to ensure proper staffing throughout a project’s lifetime. On a personal level, Paul’s friendly-but-dogged approach and attention to detail inspire his team to lock down every nuance essential for project success at the earliest possible time. Every client leaves a meeting with Arteric knowing that their needs are baked into the project management plan.

Grunge-fueled digital marketing success 

Paul is a devoted fan of Pearl Jam and of concerts in general. Beyond the music, he enjoys the sense of community, the positive vibe, and the unity of spirit that envelopes live performances. Paul infuses these qualities into the project management experience to maintain peak efficiency in the face of any demand. However our clients' business challenges evolve, Paul and his team ensure that our solutions are produced with incomparable quality and delivered on time and on budget. 

Exploring the boundaries of the possible keeps our clients ahead of their competition and ready to dominate however the digital landscape evolves. Pushing the envelope as we do requires an adventurous soul and unique spirit, so we hire based on integrity, intellect, and skill—in that order. Paul checks all the boxes, and then some. For our clients and for ourselves, we’re thrilled that Paul joined the team.  

Join a remarkable team 

Arteric provides a work environment like no other. Expectations run sky high, as does the support you will receive. We’re looking for people who want to push the boundaries of the possible to create what others will emulate. If you’re a digital native who wants to grow as far as your curiosity and passion take you, we want to speak with you. 

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Certified ScrumMaster is a trademark of Scrum Alliance, Inc.

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