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    Lloyd McGarrigal, Anthony Outeiral, Joe Roxbury, Rob Szpila, Melissa Gavilanes

    Hans Kaspersetz


    August 28, 2017

    Arteric Announces Promotions Within Software and Web Development and Quality Assurance Teams

    Arteric develops websites, mobile apps, and Web applications designed to work everywhere, every time. Pursuing software perfection requires talented professionals who constantly enhance their skills and demonstrate exceptional passion for their work. Defect-free software also requires that programmers and QA test engineers provide input throughout the project life cycle to ensure that software is developed with maximum efficiency, provides a delightful user experience, and delivers exceptional performance.

    These promotions reflect success across all these areas.

    The combination of technical expertise, commitment to perfection, and love of exploration that our projects demand is a very rare commodity. We’ve spent years testing and refining our recruiting process, which eliminates most candidates because they simply cannot meet our standards. When we find the right people, we work hard to keep them inspired and growing. We accomplish this through pursuing and winning complex, inspiring projects and maintaining exceptional operational tempo.

    I’m extremely proud of our team and what they’ve accomplished. A review of the some of the work that they’ve produced for our clients explains why. Their creativity and dedication have produced award-winning work for our partners and accolades from our clients.

    Our director of technology, Jon Fisher, sums up it this way, and I agree wholeheartedly. "This team is core to Arteric’s continued success. Their knowledge, dedication, and focus enable us to deliver quality projects on time and on budget. This depth of in-house development expertise focus on quality enable us to consistently outperform the competition.”

    Software and Web Development Team

    Arteric's growth has placed increased demands on the software development team. To ensure maximum team efficiency and effectiveness, Jeff Knight and Lloyd McGarrigal were named software development managers. In these roles, these veteran developers, both recognized for the depth and breadth of their expertise, provide technical guidance to their colleagues and strategic insights into new and ongoing projects.

    Jeff KnightJeff’s exceptional expertise across a broad array of programming technologies enables him to deliver impeccable work remarkably fast — and he shares his secrets with everyone he mentors.

    Lloyd McGarrigalIn addition to providing technical guidance to the development team, Lloyd leads the effort to define the technical scopes of work for new projects, selecting the development platform, and devising the development strategy.

    Rob SzpilaRob Szpila, a Web designer and developer for more than a decade, was promoted to senior front-end developer. Rob is highly regarded by colleagues for his industriousness and ability to calmly find solutions to the most vexing design and development challenges.

    Anthony OuteiralAnthony Outeiral was promoted from PHP developer to software developer. Anthony is recognized for his WordPress expertise and his skills in developing the back-end technology that manages websites. At an agency that insists on delivering exceptional quality no matter what, Anthony is known for his commitment to supporting the team and ensuring that the agency delivers.

    Joseph RoxburyJoe Roxbury, formerly a junior developer, is promoted to software developer. Joe’s quote, “If I’m not learning, I’m not happy” explains his success at developing projects that require novel programming strategy and tactics. Senior staff point out Joe’s comfort tackling unique challenges.

    John RomanJohn Roman was promoted to junior DevOps engineer after excelling quickly as a junior developer. John is on the DevOps team, which supports Arteric’s advanced Amazon Web Services (AWS) capabilities that enable Arteric to deliver at scale for biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers. Arteric delivers Web content in 35 countries and 28 languages, leveraging multiple availability zones to support data privacy and performance requirements globally. In 2016, Arteric delivered more than 200 deployments. DevOps is the specialty area that’s essential to successfully deploying websites and enterprise Web applications. This discipline demands skill across systems administration, software development, and server management. John has proven his value in this complex area and will work with the team to continue to grow this core capability.

    QA Team

    Quality assurance plays such a critical role at Arteric that the team's workstations are located immediately next to the president’s office. Relentless QA has been Arteric’s hallmark since its inception.

    Melissa GavilanesMelissa Gavilanes’s enthusiasm for QA and the endless hours she commits to ensuring that software is defect-free explain her rapid promotion to QA analyst. Melissa demonstrates extraordinary attention to detail. She pairs this quality with the ability to apply that focus over long periods of time. Ms. Gavilanes contributed to the successful delivery of more than 200 releases in the past year. She collaborated with the QA team to develop and continuously adopt enhancements to the QA process, ensuring a rise in quality metrics as Arteric’s volume and operational tempo increased.

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