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    Hans Kaspersetz delivers a presentation about artificial intelligence at the NextGen Data and Analytics Workshop

    Hans Kaspersetz


    December 19, 2017

    Making Artificial Intelligence Practical for Healthcare Marketers

    Arteric Explains How it Uncovers Hidden Marketing Insights 

    Summit, NJ, December 06, 2017 — ( — Arteric is a healthcare digital marketing agency that’s been demystifying leading-edge technology and making it practical for healthcare marketers for two decades. On December 6, Arteric’s Hans Kaspersetz continued this effort when he shared two practical case studies illustrating how Arteric has applied artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover hidden market insights at Medical Marketing and Media’s NextGen Data and Analytics workshop.

    During a Rapid Fire session titled “Artificial Intelligence — Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers,” Mr. Kaspersetz, Arteric’s chief operating officer and chief strategist, shared two case studies that illustrate actionable insights that emerge from deep analysis of readily available digital marketing data utilizing commercially available AI latent semantic analysis APIs.

    Doreen Gates, vice president of sales with Medical Marketing and Media, shared these thoughts about Mr Kaspersetz’s talk. "Hans's presentation was incredibly on point about how data is not just a series of algorithms, spreadsheets, and formulas. He pointed out a very ‘basic’ issue that may be commonly overlooked when analyzing the data — the limitations of human analysis. His enthusiastic approach while delivering this point created an 'a-ha' moment that resonated with the entire audience."

    AI is rapidly growing in importance for digital marketers. Mr. Kaspersetz explained. “The rapid migration to voice-driven online search has increased the volume and complexity of data that analysts must evaluate to extract marketing insights. There are limitations to the depth and breadth of data that humans can analyze. The speed and flexibility of AI are ideally suited for this challenge.” 

    Hans Kaspersetz delivers a presentation about artificial intelligence at the NextGen Data and Analytics Workshop

    The scalability of AI enables analysts to detect audience needs and customer behaviors that evade human analysis. But marketers must take several practical steps for AI to succeed. As Mr. Kaspersetz described, “Arteric’s AI solution uncovered hidden audience conversations that enabled our client, a market leader in OTC cold remedies, to develop a new demographic-specific campaign strategy. But this was feasible only because the brand had been aggregating and safely storing their marketing data for years. This is one of the key practical elements of AI success that I’ll discuss during my session.”

    Kisha Allison, a conference producer for the NextGen conference, considers AI an essential component of the meeting’s agenda. “MM&M's NextGen Data & Analytics event will help healthcare marketers develop the acumen to grasp new algorithms, and understand how next-gen analytics, including applications of AI, can support pharma commercial operations for brand marketers seeking to better understand the needs of patients and providers. MM&M is pleased to feature Hans Kaspersetz from Arteric, who will deliver one of our sponsored sessions. Hans's session will help our healthcare audience prepare their brands for the new strategic realities that voice-driven search creates and for the personalization opportunities that AI generates.”

    Those who can’t attend the MM&M program but want to learn about AI for healthcare marketers can read about Arteric’s work with AI and listen to Mr. Kaspersetz on Life Science Marketing Radio

    For two decades, Arteric has empowered healthcare brands and marketing communication teams to anticipate and execute on dramatic shifts in digital technology, transforming them into competitive advantage. Contact Hans Kaspersetz at 201.558.7929 to discuss how to apply AI to maximize the impact of your brand.


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