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Arteric Values

Delight the Customer

We want every communication to create a supremely satisfying (informative, inspiring, triumphant) experience that delights our customer or partner. We regard each of our clients, our team members, and the end-users of the projects we deliver as a customer.

Do the Right Thing

We consider every decision in light of what is best for the customer and the team members—even if it means that we must sometimes choose to forgo some revenue. Our strength and continued growth are based on putting the customer, the work, and the team first. When we do that, revenue and profits naturally follow.

Be an Enthusiastic Listener

We make space for new ideas.

Do the Things You Said You Will Do

We emphasize commitment and accountability. By keeping our promises, we delight our customers and earn their respect. Of course, unexpected things do happen. Priorities change. But our team members know that whenever they have any doubt about delivering on a promise, they can immediately turn to each other for the help they need. We know that our mutual success depends on the success of each individual.

Build a Family You Want to Spend Time With

Like most working people, we spend the majority of our waking life at work, with our work family. As in any healthy family, the members of our work family build strong relationships based on trust and respect. We celebrate each other's successes, and we support each other during the occasional setback. Our strength comes from the commitments that we make to each other. Thus, the satisfaction we derive from delivering amazing technology comes from working together as a family, not just from the thrill of solving tough technical challenges.

Find Your Tribe

If you don’t love being a part of the Arteric tribe, find the tribe that excites you. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Be the Change You Want to See

We pursue continuous improvement for each team member, process, and technology. We expect each team member to act as an agent for change and improvement by suggesting new technologies, removing roadblocks, and breaking down silos.

Be Healthy

Our work is demanding and requires exceptional concentration. Top performance is possible only for those with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. We eat good food, take time for proper sleep and exercise, and enjoy strong relationships and adventure.

Bad News Must Travel Faster Than Good News

We never fear the truth. The best way to solve a problem is to address it quickly and honestly.

Take Smart Risks

To grow or even to survive in the modern business climate, one must take calculated risks. Our growth and our customers' success are the result of more than a decade of rigorous analysis, planning, and smart risk-taking. We analyze the data, consider multiple options for each decision, and choose the option that most aggressively advances our goals without running the risk of disaster. We reward people for testing the boundaries of the possible, even if some of the things we try do not succeed.

Be Honest, Yet Tactful

The truth is sometimes uncomfortable, but relationships that are built on honesty are stronger and more satisfying. The key is to find the most tactful way to tell the truth. There may be 99 ways to deliver a piece of bad news. Of those, 95 will upset the recipient, 3 will be okay, and 1 will be perfect. At Arteric, we strive to find that one, perfect way.

Be Humble

We are very fortunate to be successful. We practice humility with our family members, new friends, competitors, customers, vendors, partners, and coworkers. We make room in the conversation for others. We highlight their successes before our own.

Complete the Circle

We believe that success is the result of a ruthless dedication to excellence and a compulsive drive to fulfill our commitments. We never assume that “someone else will take care of it.” We always follow up, hold each other accountable, and keep our promises.

Find Happiness and Celebrate!

Push the Boundaries of What’s Possible

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