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Rob Szpila
Senior Front-End Developer

A Web Developer must always be willing and ready to learn and grow.  As a professional, it is important for me to be in an environment that facilitates this growth and development.  Working at Arteric is a great fit for me, as we are always exploring new and better ways to solve problems and to deliver to the high expectations of our clients and ourselves.  Working at Arteric regularly provides me the opportunity to hone my skills through conversations with colleagues and from the challenging work accomplished.

The Web and other Digital mediums have quickly become the language of our time, and working in such a rapidly evolving area is both exciting and rewarding.  I’ve been developing websites since middle school; I learned simply from viewing the source code of existing sites and then imitating parts of the site to play around with it. This habit is still around today, and, when browsing the internet, I regularly stop and take a few minutes to check out coding of interesting websites that I stumble upon.  Working as a Web Developer fuels my curiosity for how things work in our increasingly digital world.

Rob Szpila Rob Szpila Rob Szpila

Web Wise

I graduated from NJIT in 2010 where I earned my degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development. The next few years I worked as a Web Developer, Marketer, and Freelancer (sometimes all at once) getting to know a bit of everything along the way.  At Arteric, I've found my niche and current career-path as a Web Developer focusing on front-end technologies.  When not at work (or in front of a computer...as implausible as that sounds) I enjoy reading, watching movies, finding new music (current preferred genre: Bands from New Jersey) and running - 5Ks, obstacle course runs, or just a relaxing run around the neighborhood.

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