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Melissa Gavilanes
Quality Assurance Analyst

When I first stepped foot into Arteric, I knew I had to do anything to be a part of the team.  The environment here is something you would expect straight out of Silicon Valley.  The people here are extremely talented and driven, and that sort of energy is infectious.  I truly enjoy coming into work every morning and learning something new everyday.  As a recent graduate from Rutgers University, this is the kind of place you aspire to end up after graduating.  I came here not knowing much about working in a digital agency but now I understand why this is the future of business.  Working at Arteric has been the greatest opportunity for me to further my career and I know I’m learning from the brightest and hardest-working people in the business.

When I’m not at work, you will probably find me outside enjoying the day with my rescue dog, Luna. I’m a tinkerer by nature so at home I like to keep busy by having small art projects, like sculpting or wood working.

Melissa Gavilanes Melissa Gavilanes Melissa Gavilanes

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