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Matt Parman
Junior Project Manager

Matt joins the Project Management Team after a highly productive stint as a Quality Assurance (QA) test engineer at Arteric. Combined with his experience as a software developer, Matt brings exceptional hands-on insight to the entire project development cycle to his new role.

While he enjoyed the tactical challenges of evaluating software to ensure that it works everywhere and every time, Matt sought opportunities to pursue his fascination with strategic challenges, especially those that required juggling multiple, ever-shifting priorities. Project management was a natural next step.

Matt blends a practitioner’s eye for detail with an innate desire to always see the big picture. His approach respects the fact that the production and implementation of digital marketing technology has many interconnected components. He also recognizes that the dynamics of each component —  strategy, content, technology, and the people behind them — vary from project to project. 

Matt Parman Matt Parman

Manage to Succeed

When you work at an organization whose mission revolves around exploring the boundaries of what’s possible, you can’t rely on cookbook thinking. This requirement fits Matt like a glove.

Matt’s custom-crafted approach to managing projects meshes perfectly with Arteric’s mission to explore the boundaries of what’s possible. Like everyone at Arteric, Matt treats best practices as a starting point. He determines how to make project-management practices work best within each project. His artisan approach is one reason that Matt’s transition to project management has been swift and effective. Asking the tough questions and communicating their answers clearly to the project team contributes to Matt’s success.

Matt applies similar principles on the golf course. After graduating college with a degree in golf management and competing in tournaments, he became an instructor. Just as a digital marketing project contains many interconnected components, so does a fluid golf swing, and each person’s swing is unique. True to his approach to managing digital projects, Matt solved his students’ swing problems in the context of the big picture — what they wanted to accomplish on the golf course.

On a golf course or in a conference room, Matt fuses an eye for detail with a comprehensive view of the tasks at hand to efficiently deliver winning results. 

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