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Kevin Doherty

Arteric has proven to be a refreshing change to the typical office rigmarole that generally defines the workplace today.  It is nice to have the trust of your colleagues and freedom from your executives to not only complete the requested work  at an exceptional level, but to also not be micromanaged at every turn.  It’s this type of creative atmosphere that makes it seem as though every morning you aren’t necessarily going to work; rather, you are going to meet up with friends.

Daily, it’s exciting to see the cogs in the Arteric digital wheel operate.  Coming from a more financial perspective, it is awe-inspiring to be amongst the skill sets that can create, as well as explain, a world which at times is foreign (to put it nicely). This “numbers guy” can now truly appreciate what it takes to build a website, albeit without understanding thebuilders'  language.

Kevin Doherty Kevin Doherty

Crunch Master

When not crunching numbers, Kevin spends his time crunching bodies on the rugby pitch. Currently a member of the Union County Rugby Club, he also serves as their Head Coach. Also a Rutgers Rugby alumnus, Kevin serves as the President of the Rutgers Rugby Alumni Association.

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