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Joe Roxbury
Software Developer

Prior to joining Arteric, Joe was following his passion of skateboarding and was doing an impressive array of freelance gigs, including work for Major League Soccer. Joe grew up in Lebanon, NJ and currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. His favorite soccer teams are NYCFC, Manchester City FC, Bayern Munich FC, and Barcelona FC. Joe's biggest inspiration is his brother Ted, who lives in Salt Lake City and works for Clearlink Technologies.

Joe loves to skateboard, play tennis and golf, and write code. Fun fact about Joe: he has only nine toes. He says "I lost the other one in a dirt bike accident when I was 9 years old. That's why I became known as 9toe Joe in the skateboard community."

Joe loves Arteric because “It is an awesome place to work and grow. The people are really cool and talented, and the office is sweet! Every day, there is a new challenge to overcome and something to learn. In my role as a software developer, I am pushed to learn every day. This is great because If I’m not growing, I’m not happy.

Joe Roxbury Joe Roxbury

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