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Alan Gerstein
Content Strategist and Writer

"What does a content strategist do?" is often the first question I'm asked. If you ask two people this question, you'll get at least three answers, but Ann Rockley delivers the most comprehensive, yet succinct, explanation.

Here's what I do — I make content work.

Any format, any channel, any audience, I help figure out what content is needed to achieve an objective and then I work with business strategists, designers, programmers, and other groups to create the required information in a way that satisfies the three masters:

  • The people who use a product, service, or seek knowledge
  • The organizations who produce the products, services, or knowledge
  • Search engines and the growing collection of digital gatekeepers that connect users with the information they seek
Alan Gerstein Alan Gerstein

Digital Through the Decades

I've been doing this since the first Macintosh launched in 1984 — first within the biotechnology industry for 19 years, where I led development of a book that helped build better thinkers, and then for 13 years with leading healthcare advertising agencies.

The decades have helped me hone the ability to weed out the hype from hypermedia to uncover the strategy, tactics, and technology that make REAL differences to businesses like yours. And working with some of the industry's brightest, most creative, and most open digital minds keeps me fresh and inspired.

Leveraging digital technology to share information is fun, but there's more to life than pixels. Whenever possible, I spend time near and in bodies of water. And as much as possible, I share the life and times of a very special wife and son.

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