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The Team

Everyone at Arteric Is a Digital Native

We have a rich history of creating digital marketing assets. We're deeply curious souls driven by a compulsion to help people live longer and healthier lives. Altogether, these characteristics inspire us to conceive creative solutions that push technology to do what's never been done. 

In order to satisfy our curiosity and compulsion, we believe that software needs to work everywhere, every time. The only way to achieve this is through a relentless pursuit of quality. Building quality digital solutions is something that we cherish, and our leadership's refusal to compromise on quality is a big reason why we're at Arteric.

It also helps that our culture and benefits (and pay) inspire everyone to keep learning and growing as far as our passions take us. While we all have fingers, we never use them to point at a colleague when something goes wrong. Everyone just pulls together to make things right. Creating the world's most accessible digital marketing tactics isn't easy, but working with people whom you trust and respect and who enjoy laughing make it serious fun.

Light bulb, representing ideas that win

The Best Ideas Win

Our mission revolves around pushing boundaries to achieve results. To make this happen, everyone at Arteric contributes strategic and tactical thinking to client projects and our internal processes. The winning approach is always based on merit, never job title or longevity. 

Input from every corner of Arteric is a requirement, not an option. One of the reasons we love this approach is that many of us of have roots in healthcare, but not all. This variety gives us an opportunity to take the best thinking from other industries and make it work in healthcare's regulated world

Multiple Groups Working As One

It's easy to work as a team when colleagues give you 24/7 support, often without asking. Arteric's environment fosters a culture of conscientiousness, so the team focuses all its energy on creating mesmerizing websites, mobile apps, CRM systems and scientific portals that inspire audiences to take action. 

We believe teamwork is essential, because creating great digital strategy and tactics is similar to creating great symphony music. Both involve multiple sections of artists whose specialized skills have to be coordinated, carefully timed, and executed precisely. If anyone performs out of sync, audiences may be lost forever.

Just like with marketing campaigns.

At Arteric, the orchestra comprises three sections — Strategy, Tactical, and Development — where everyone lives to explore the boundaries of what's possible and to challenge and support each other to deliver strategy and tactics that thrill clients. 

Strategy, tactical, development


The Strategy team leads the effort to brainstorm with clients in order to create the strategic blueprints for the digital marketing programs and the digital tactics that bring the strategy to life. They also keep you up to date with your project's progress, and you'll never have to wonder where it stands, because the Strategy section errs on the side of over-communication.    

Arteric's Strategy team has decades of experience in developing digital marketing tactics to drive multichannel campaigns throughout a healthcare product's life cycle. Even though these leaders have designed and delivered tactics for dozens of healthcare marketing programs, they don't work alone. Nobody at Arteric ever does.

Digital natives from throughout Arteric, especially from the Quality Assurance group, challenge the Strategy section with questions and suggestions until all agree that every possible project requirement is identified. Accurate requirements are key to properly design, build, and torture-test software to perform flawlessly at launch and for years to come.

Head and brain, representing brainstorming


The Tactical team schedules and manages workflow and resources to keep everyone and every activity throughout Arteric in sync. Our project managers have managed production of digital marketing programs across several industries for over a decade — healthcare, telecommunications, broadcast and cable media, and finance —  so they have a broad and deep perspective of best practices that they contribute throughout the project life cycle.


The Development section unites all the skills to create, test, and implement the digital tactics for healthcare marketing campaigns.

  • Software Engineers
    • Develop websites for consumers and healthcare professionals, create the content management systems (CMS) that simplify website updates for corporate IT groups; mobile apps and the Web applications — CRM systems and databases that support commercial teams
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
    • Torture test every aspect of every asset to enable the software to work in any environment
  • Creative Staff 
    • Graphic designers and UX talent who work iteratively with content strategists, writers, and SEO and SEM analysts to ensure that content satisfies the 3 masters: client business objectives, end users, and search engines

A Team That Always Delivers

Every symphony has matriarchs and patriarchs that help build and nurture the orchestra. Arteric's president, Hans Kaspersetz, sets our mission and establishes the values that inspire the entire team to deliver the most effective and most reliable digital marketing software. 

Arteric’s Mission and Values

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