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Hans Kaspersetz, President and Chief Strategist

Hans Kaspersetz is a passionate technologist committed to mastering software development and digital marketing. His thirst for learning isn't limited to technology and healthcare marketing. Hans is naturally curious about people, their cultures, and the places they call home. A voracious reader, Hans is a hands-on learner who takes action when he spots a need or an opportunity. He’s also a recognized problem solver and key member of global exploration projects.

Leading. And building leaders

For two decades, Hans has been building, leading, and inspiring teams that get things done, especially for tasks that have never before been attempted. His values, actions, and office wall reflect the expectation of nonstop personal and professional growth for everyone throughout Arteric. 

President Hans Kaspersetz President Hans Kaspersetz President Hans Kaspersetz President Hans Kaspersetz

President Hans Kaspersetz

Software Development

Starting in 1983 at the age of 8, Hans taught himself programming  — first with a Tandy computer and then with a Commodore. In 1992, after playing multiuser online games, he coded his own. By 1995, Hans was creating Web pages using the rudimentary tools of the time: <blink> and <marque> tags. Through the decades, Hans explored many of the precursor technologies to today’s Web standards and led the adoption of technologies such as PHP, BSD, Linux, and open source. In the early 2000s, Hans became a principal member of the New York PHP user group and an active supporter of the New York City BSD user group. Hans is an original digital native and software developer. Today, he stands at the nexus of advanced software development and healthcare marketing, guiding a team of world-class software and quality assurance engineers.

Online and Offline

Hans is a relentless explorer driven by discovery and science. His accomplishments include cross-continental bike treks, leading cave exploration projects in Madagascar and Mexico and deep-wreck exploration in Alaska, to name a few. Hans is a passionate communicator and loves to share his teams’ discoveries by speaking and publishing and by creating documentaries. Hans has held multiple advisory and evangelist positions with software-as-a-service companies and has spoken at global technology conferences.

Wherever We Go, There You Are
Aquavista Films, This Is What We Do | Music ©Klaus Schulze, Phillip Lehman

The Madagascar Karst Exploration Project
Aquavista Films, 2014

For More Than 20 Years

Hans has developed software and guided teams of software engineers to create business solutions ranging from consumer product and services websites and ecommerce platforms to enterprise software solutions across several industries, including healthcare, banking, air travel and hospitality, and beauty care. 

Digital marketing experience across healthcare and non-healthcare industries

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Complexity kills software projects. Decades of software development taught Hans how to break down complex issues into small steps and then attack them. These same skills apply to multichannel marketing. Since 1999, Hans has helped healthcare brands, research advocacy groups, and medical foundations analyze complex marketing challenges and then develop the digital tactics that resolve them.   

Hans has worked with brand, corporate communication, medical affairs, and sales teams at companies such as Celgene, Janssen, Daiichi Sankyo, Genentech, Teva, Novartis, Moberg, and Matrixx to create multichannel campaigns for any phase of the product life cycle. And, by combining his knowledge of medical, legal, and regulatory processes with his passion for technology, he helps clients see opportunities where solutions with unique functionality will deliver major process improvement. 

By virtue of his software engineering background and first-hand experience in implementing digital assets in a corporate setting, every marketing tactic that Hans and the Arteric technology team design and develop takes into account the business objectives of the marketing team AND the technical needs of the IT service teams that implement them. This ability to bridge the gap between marketing and technology teams enables Arteric to build and launch digital assets faster and with less risk while reducing the burden on corporate IT teams.


SEO Expertise

Hans is a world-class practitioner of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) who trained with an internationally renowned SEO strategist. Hans's combination of SEO, software engineering, and healthcare marketing expertise enables Arteric to move beyond standard approaches and inject state-of-the-art SEO tactics into website content, website architecture, and into a website's programming strategy.

His deep, multi-tiered approach to SEO and SEM played a major role in a campaign that rebranded a medical foundation and produced double-digit increases in engagement metrics at its website. Applied to a multichannel market-shaping campaign against billion-dollar competition, Arteric's SEO and SEM strategy produced category leadership in launch volume for the client.

Hans loves to teach, so he shares his expertise during onsite education programs with clients.  

Arteric. Truly Digital Marketing.

From Day 0, Hans established Arteric as a true digital agency for healthcare marketers — a large core team of software engineers paired with healthcare marketing veterans who provide strategic and regulatory guidance. From two decades of experience, Hans saw superior software skill as the key to preventing the problems that occur at traditional agencies — digital marketing tactics that run over budget, are delayed, add unnecessary burden to corporate IT functions, are ineffective, or that fail to launch. 

  • Software Focus
    • Exceptional software engineering is critical to digital marketing excellence for additional reasons:
    • Today's virtual, augmented, and mixed immersive realities point to a future where daily life and technology are indistinguishable, a future where brands and organizations engage audiences through novel experiences — a future driven by software
    • Commoditized software development tools provide no competitive advantage. Commercial development tools are powerful, but every agency that uses them is limited to the same stock functionality, which produces similar results
    • Software engineers create the functionality to do anything by building their own tools or adding functionality to commercial software. Software engineers deliver competitive advantage
    • Depth of software and healthcare marketing experience enables Arteric to identify and accommodate the needs of marketing teams, their third-party service providers, and corporate IT teams

Reliability, Precision, and Quality

Arteric has had a 100% project completion rate since its inception.

This level of reliability and Arteric's reputation for "absurd attention to detail and always being on time" reflects Hans's commitment to perpetually experimenting and optimizing everything at Arteric. From recruiting talent to the programming code that becomes a digital marketing tactic, every approach reflects the best results from constant experimentation. 

"For a quality testing engineer, Arteric is golden." This quote from Arteric's quality assurance team helps explain why Hans's glass-walled office is adjacent to the Quality Assurance Team and why quality test engineers comprise a large portion of the technology team. Hans never compromises on quality for any reason, even at the expense of revenue. 

More than a de facto standard, this is life at Arteric