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Digital Natives

Everyone at Arteric Is a Digital Native

We're all communication professionals with years of hands-on experience in designing digital marketing tactics — websites, mobile apps, web applications, and search-engine-related strategy. We're curious and passionate and live to explore the boundaries of what's possible, but have the wisdom from decades of digital-campaign work to know when to do so. True digital natives never compromise on quality at any stage of the project life cycle. And we NEVER do.

Arteric's founder formed the agency around a large team of software engineers in order to deliver technical skill beyond what a traditional agency delivers. A core of healthcare marketing veterans provides the strategic insight and oversight that guide our tactics through medical, regulatory, and legal reviews to outperform tactics from traditional agencies. 

As Arteric grew, digital natives were added in every section — writers who know that content has to satisfy business objectives, end users, and search engines; account leads with the digital experience and the integrity to advise clients against sexy-but-not-essential functionality; and quality assurance engineers whose questions and suggestions ensure that every feasible project requirement is documented at kickoff. 

How Digital Natives Excel

Embrace Change

Digital technologies evolve, and the rate of change is accelerating. Artificial intelligence, virtual and other immersive realities, and ever-changing search engine algorithms mean that brands have more choices, opportunities, and risks to engage and share information with audiences. As digital natives, we enjoy driving digital change in dynamic landscapes. We embrace the nuts and bolts of new technologies to discover their strengths and limitations. Then, we transform the technology so it succeeds in the regulated healthcare world. Ultimately, we define digital across functions and stakeholders to create unified strategies and a common language.

Push Boundaries

Digital natives love whiteboards — they make it easy to capture and challenge the flood of Why not? and What if? thinking that we hurl at each other as we evaluate client needs and debate the best strategy and software design to power client marketing programs.

"What if Medical Affairs could track the use of every reference in every piece of promotional literature with a click?"

Digital natives embrace change, push boundaries, seek perfection

Seek Perfection

Decades of experience taught us that the best way to solve software problems is to prevent them, so we apply several strategies to minimize errors, including:

  • Know What Could Go Wrong 
    • We never start projects from scratch. Their decades of experience in creating thousands of digital tactics for healthcare marketers mean that they know what could go wrong and they proactively prevent problems from arising. 
    • We also realize that no two healthcare marketing campaigns face identical challenges, so we don't rely solely on history to design and develop new projects. We research and test ideas to help make decisions.
  • Provide Sufficient Time for Quality Assurance Testing 
    • Quality assurance (QA) testing proceeds throughout the entire project cycle, not just after completion, and we custom create QA testing strategy based on the needs of each project. QA is never a rubber-stamp, boilerplate process at Arteric.
    • To ensure adequate time for testing, QA personnel and digital natives from every discipline at Arteric pepper each other with questions and make suggestions until the entire team agrees that they've identified EVERY project requirement. Complete requirements are essential for the QA team to custom create manual and automated testing procedures and for project managers to budget adequate time for the QA team.
  • Optimize Perpetually
    • To push boundaries, we experiment with strategy and technique and relentlessly codify the results to create processes and procedures based on field-proven best practices. Starting new projects from a foundation of two decades of accumulated experience reduces risk and speeds completion. 

Seeking healthcare marketing perfection though discovery, planning, sprint iterations, end game and release

Bridge Gaps With Corporate IT

As digital natives, we have the depth and breadth of skill to bridge the communication gap between a client's corporate IT group and its marketing teams. Our world-class system administrators and DevOps team are second to none in the healthcare agency ecosystem. We collaborate with IT and third-party application groups to successfully ensure first-attempt deployments of all solutions. And our clients’ security teams seek our advice on system and application integrity challenges.  With our sensitivity to the unique and often competing needs of both groups, we reduce the risk for brand teams and the implementation burden for IT departments.

Experience in creating digital marketing strategy and assets is the key to delivering projects that deliver returns on investment for years after launch, no matter how a marketplace evolves. Digital natives occupy every section of Arteric to ensure that every tactic is conceived to deliver maximum impact and is brought to life without drama, delay, or cost overrun.

Digital Natives Deliver Competitive Advantage

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Arteric not only delivered, but went above and beyond.

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