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Our Story

Arteric Is a Digital Marketing Agency

We are built on a foundation of technology expertise — software engineering, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Guided by healthcare marketing veterans, Arteric develops the strategy and the software — websites, mobile apps, and web applications — that drive pharmaceutical and biotechnology digital marketing campaigns and the functions that support them.  

The Arteric office
Arteric stand up meeting
The Arteric team brainstorming
Four arteric employees working

Built Around Digital Skill

Founder Hans Kaspersetz consciously chose to build Arteric around digital skill that goes far beyond what traditional agencies provide. Software engineers and test engineers comprise more than half the Arteric team. This decision was based on observations from two decades of creating software-driven marketing programs and enterprise solutions in multiple industries. These experiences included rescuing projects initiated by other agencies. Arteric began developing solutions for healthcare, financial, aerospace, and other industries in 1999 as Cyber X Designs. In 2012, Cyber X Designs rebranded as Arteric, with a total commitment to healthcare.

Arteric logo transition

Project Esper from 3D4 Medical.

And with technology evolving rapidly and creating new ways for brands to engage and educate audiences, software expertise grows more important as a driver of marketing success.

A Mission to Explore

A large team of talented programmers is the engine that powers Arteric. The fuel is fearless thinking, an obsession with perfection, and a passion for exploring the boundaries of the possible. These qualities form the codons of our founder's DNA and are dominant genes in everyone who works at Arteric.  

These characteristics are woven into our mission...

Explore the boundaries of the possible, and create life-changing experiences through feature-rich, defect-free software that works everywhere and every time.

...and our soul. They define who we are, what we do, and how we work. They power every question we ask and every answer that we build into each strategy, scope of work, project plan, and piece of software that we create.

Committed to Healthcare

Life is short and agency work is challenging. But our work helps people live longer, healthier lives by connecting them with information about life-changing therapies. Improving and extending millions of lives is a huge responsibility, but's it's one that we cherish. And it's a major reason why we love what we do.

Our mission aligns with the healthcare industry's relentless pursuit for more effective therapies and compelling ways to connect audiences with the information they need to make informed decisions. Though we aggressively push the boundaries of strategy and software and catalyze our clients to think creatively, we're not reckless. Two decades of singular focus on technology taught us how to make smart choices about how and when to implement new technologies and tactics. And our quest for perfection aligns with the high standards and regulatory demands of healthcare.


Exploration fuels Arteric’s culture

The People Who Carry Out the Mission: Explorers

Exploration fuels Arteric's culture and our mission. It drives the way we think and why we relentlessly experiment with strategy and process to conceive the best ideas and to deliver the most effective solutions. Endless curiosity, open minds, and critical thinking guide our endeavors. 

When your leaders are explorers — creating prototypes of virtual reality programs and navigating Madagascar's underwater caves — it's no surprise that Arteric is filled with explorers who venture beyond their native skill sets to push boundaries. 

Exploration fuels Arteric’s culture

The writer who creates immersive simulations that transport students into the 1944 laboratory that proved that DNA, not protein, is the hereditary material

gear representing QA engineers

The quality assurance engineer who dismantles electronics equipment to understand how it works in order to repair it above and beyond its original condition

paint brush representing creative directors

The creative director who studies the intricacies of search engine analytics in order to create superior user experiences and business results

A United Team of Perfectionists

Even though Arteric's explorers are digital natives with decades of experience creating digital marketing tactics, we often disagree on strategy and technique, and that's the way we want it. Because our experience leaves no doubt that the best projects are developed when the winning approach is based on merit, not job title. At Arteric, we challenge each other's thinking and actions regardless of rank and throughout the project life cycle to bring out the best in each other and in the project. 

Because our mission demands pursuit of defect-free software, we continually experiment and optimize the way we work internally and the way we develop digital marketing programs. But even this can't prevent every error; the key is to find them early. At Arteric we aggressively search for defects with a continuous quality assurance process that begins before kickoff and proceeds through the asset's life cycle.

And if errors are found, another aspect of Arteric culture and training kicks in. The entire team quickly unites to analyze the issue, correct it, identify its cause, and update our process to prevent recurrence. No finger pointing. No drama. Total focus on results and improvement.

Perpetual optimization is one way we work to earn our clients' trust.

A Culture That Inspires Client Delight

Arteric is powered by software engineers and healthcare marketing veterans with extensive experience in creating digital marketing projects. Competition for both talents is fierce, and our requirements go way beyond exceptional technical skill. Everyone who joins Arteric has the confidence to achieve what's never been done and a desire to grow beyond what they thought possible. They also have the selflessness to be members of a tribe that values team accomplishment over personal stardom.   

And once at Arteric, they live in a culture of great expectations and even greater support. President Hans Kaspersetz knows that explorers need the freedom to try new methods and to feel in control of their destinies, so the Arteric work environment is tightly coordinated, but empowers everyone to manage their actions to deliver on time and on budget.

Long-term agency success grows from a culture that enables talented people to do their best work, to focus their entire effort on thrilling the client in every way, every day. Like all activities at Arteric, the work environment is continually optimized — in this case, to foster a culture that inspires 24/7 commitment to each other and to our clients.

Which is why Arteric's benefit programs buck agency trends and include sending team members at all levels to conferences and continuing-education programs. Arteric also offers bonuses for consuming books from a large in-house business library. And to keep explorers refreshed and motivated, everyone gets unlimited paid time off and receives a bonus if they completely disconnect — no email or text messages. It's no surprise that "Celebrate life" is a core value at Arteric.

The strategy works. While the office was closed during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, a security flaw was discovered in a section of programming code used industry-wide to create websites. Within 1 day, Arteric engineers began evaluating every client website for this vulnerability and quickly provided a security patch where needed.

Celebrate life

An Agency Way Beyond Traditional

Healthcare marketers can't afford to be traditional.

The rate of software-driven technology change is increasing rapidly. Artificial intelligence, virtual and other immersive realities, content engineering, and ever-changing search engine algorithms create new opportunities and challenges to share information and establish conversations with audiences. Organizations unprepared to make smart decisions about digital change will waste resources and miss opportunities.

Arteric was built from Day 0 to identify market opportunities that will benefit from new technology, and then design, develop, and implement the digital tactics without fail or drama. Our depth of experience provides a unique perspective to help clients quickly decide how and when to implement leading-edge strategy and tactics. 

Which explains why software developers and quality assurance engineers form the largest group at Arteric, and why the remaining team members are digital natives who've been creating digital marketing tactics for years. These deep cultural ties to both technology and healthcare marketing enable us to bridge the gap between our clients' corporate IT groups and marketing teams — an essential function that traditional agencies don't provide because they lack the technical depth. 

Bridge the gap between IT groups and Marketing Teams

Set the Bar High

Expectations run VERY high at Arteric.

Our mission requires it — an agency doesn't push the boundaries of what technology can accomplish for healthcare marketers if the bar is set low. Leadership and the entire Arteric team demand it from each other, and our clients expect it because of the quality they see in the hundreds of projects that we deliver annually. 

Arteric's Silicon Valley culture of freedom, responsibility, and support attracts and inspires top-tier talent and regularly leads to a question that we love hearing. "How do you hold onto your talent for so long?" Corporate values and benefits that humanize the workplace and cultivate personal and professional growth are only part of the answer. We gladly share the rest of the formula with clients, but competitors have to figure that one out for themselves.