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How We Do It

Start From a Foundation of Success

Our experience in solving hundreds of marketing challenges in healthcare and other industries is our starting point to evaluate your needs and craft a plan. We learn from past success, but we never clone our approach. Data-driven research ensures that we accurately identify the true root causes of the business challenge in order to provide the most impactful strategic and tactical guidance.  

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Don’t Settle for Best Practices

In a perfect world, one best practice fits all projects. In the real world, one best practice fits one project. Variables on the agency side, the client side, and within the project demand that practices be optimized in real time and optimized regularly. This truth holds throughout any project’s life cycle.

Rather than settle for best practices, we focus on what works best. We begin with best practices that we’ve continually optimized since 1999, and then we experiment with them. We evaluate the results and continue optimizing in a perpetual process of natural selection.

We also believe in standards-based, open-source processes and technologies that promote agency interchangeability. Standardization provides our clients with the flexibility to select from multiple vendors to support their programs as their needs evolve. This empowers brand teams and their service providers to focus all their energy on creativity and not worry if the technology choices they make today will limit their options in the future — or create vendor lock-in.

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Deliver Competitive Advantage

Status quo thinking is the enemy of competitive advantage. We guide brands past status quo thinking by working closely with medical, legal, regulatory teams to push the boundary  of what’s possible in the evolving regulatory healthcare framework. Then we apply exceptional technology strength (more than half of the Arteric team are software or quality-testing engineers) to transform What if? and Why not? thinking into competitive advantage.  

A client asked Arteric to develop a portal with two components —  a system to manage the scientific platform’s messaging and a separate electronic repository to hold the scientific, clinical, and marketing data that supported the messaging. We persuaded the client to digitally link the two components. As the brand’s science story and messaging evolved, the digital link enabled the library of supporting evidence to automatically evolve with them. Competitive advantage: improved version control, global brand consistency.

Embrace the Cloud

Many healthcare organizations use cloud-based information technology to implement websites, content management systems, and other digital marketing tactics. When traditional agencies develop and test software in an environment that doesn’t match the production environment, they risk missing errors that appear only in a cloud environment. Arteric develops and validates custom software solutions against the client’s actual production architecture. To accomplish this, Arteric programmers replicate the client’s production cloud environment — a skill beyond the reach of typical agencies. Competitive advantage: fewer errors, faster development, successful deployments on the first attempt.

Pursue Perfection


That’s how we want you to describe your experience with Arteric. It’s why everything we do is a never-ending cycle of experimentation, evaluation, and optimization. And why quality assurance (QA) begins before a project kicks off and proceeds throughout the project's life cycle. It’s why we develop proprietary tools and processes to develop and implement websites, mobile apps, and Web applications.

Pursuing perfection also means doing the right thing. Which is why we steer clients away from functionality and services that don’t add business value. Doing the right thing also means protecting our clients’ best interests under any circumstance. During a routine evaluation of a website after a software update, we discovered that the site was being hacked. Though not contracted to provide site security, we shut down the attempted hack until the security team could act.  

Client trust is crucial. We look forward to earning yours. 

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Research-driven design and endlessly optimizing our practices drive everything we do to help brand teams solve their healthcare marketing challenges. What challenge can we help your team overcome?

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