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What We Offer

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  • 401(k)
  • Employer 401(k) Contribution
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The Position: SEO/SEM/Google Analytics Analyst

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Who is Arteric?

We're a digital healthcare marketing agency that's growing because of our exceptional people and values. Arteric develops the strategy and the software — websites, mobile apps, and Web applications — that drive pharmaceutical and biotechnology digital marketing campaigns and the functions that support these tactics.

Why Arteric?

We explore the boundaries of the possible creating life changing experiences through defect-free software that works everywhere, every time. This is a tall order for most marketing agencies, but it is what we do every day. We are focused on connecting patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to the health information patients need to live longer, healthier lives. Arteric accomplishes this at scale for blockbuster healthcare brands. Our websites and Web applications are available in over 35 countries and 24 languages. We reach more than 6 million people per year. In 2016, we made more than 200 deliveries to our healthcare clients.

If you are seeking a challenge, if you work at tempo and if you want to change peoples’ lives, come join Arteric. We are a team of software developers and technologists turned healthcare marketers. We value a passion for learning and discovery, industriousness, resilience, selflessness, and exceptional competency above almost all else.

We'll provide the opportunities and challenges that will catalyze your growth as far as your professional interests take you. Arteric is committed to helping people live longer, healthier lives, and that includes our own people. Our value system fosters a focus on technical competence and innovation and rewards it with benefits that include generous paid time off (PTO), incentivized disconnect time, and a close-knit team spirit.

If you’re a master at optimizing multiple digital marketing projects and want to play a key role in a growing digital healthcare communications agency, send us your résumé.

The Position

The search analyst is a key player in cross-functional teams that include representatives from the client services, development, QA, and creative departments. Working independently and with the support of a world-class SEO thought leader, the search analyst will push the boundaries of search and content strategies. Arteric is leading the charge to apply artificial intelligence in SEM campaigns for healthcare marketers. By using AI to analyze marketing data, we’re extracting insights that provide competitive advantage and leave competitors scrambling to catch up. The search analyst will create the strategies that others will eventually mimic.  

The SEO/SEM/Google Analyst will:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Use tools such as Raven Tools, Authority Labs, Google Developer Tools, and Screaming Frog to perform SEO assessments/audits that include on-site, technical, and link development to help improve our client’s success metrics
  • Track organic ranking of client websites
  • Perform and report insights on client SERP analysis
  • Create optimization and keyword improvement reports/presentations for client websites
  • Recommend keywords for client Web properties
  • Recommend optimization strategies such as organic tactics for landing page conversions
  • Execute campaigns across multiple clients
  • Propose and execute backlink development to improve website authority
  • Help us win new business, by creating thought-provoking and innovative presentations based on search research and best practices
  • Prepare and deliver well-thought-out presentations to help our clients understand strategies for SEO and search engine marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Be responsible for oversight, management, and performance of our clients’ paid search accounts 
  • Review AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ad campaigns; and make suggestions based on performance
  • Perform daily bid management and execute optimizations 
  • Create and implement proposed pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns
  • Perform keyword analysis and maintain negative keyword lists in Google AdWords
  • Design and execute A/B testing in ad words
  • Make recommendations about on-page A/B testing for conversion optimization
  • Recommend and develop ad copy for PPC campaigns
  • Recommend proposed changes to ad copy, campaigns, and target audiences
  • Recommend PPC-optimized landing pages and manage execution of approved strategies
  • Actively monitor running campaigns and maintain balance in spending client budgets
  • Create PPC reports that include click-through rate (CTR),  conversions, bounce rates, and more
  • Be the go-to for answers about AdWords functionality and data


  • Design and create tagging and analytics manifests
  • Build and complete in-depth and timely analytics reports, ready for client distribution
  • Communicate recommendations based on insights found from analyzing Google and Bing data for possible content improvements
  • Be the go-to person for answering ad hoc reports and data points as needed
  • Create recommendations for what events should be tracked based on client goals
  • Manage implementation of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and ensure that events and tracking are properly set up
  • Answer questions about Analytics functionality and data
  • Perform analytic audits to understand and maintain an efficient reporting structure
  • Recommend and execute Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) tracking for email, social, print campaigns and more
  • Recommend ways to improve analytics, by cleaning up referral data, and UTM codes


  • Collaborate with cross-functional team members — account executives, project managers, and developers—in order to complete the projects
  • Work with our quality assurance teams to ensure the integrity and standards of our strategies and analytics tracking after development is complete
  • Work side-by-side with developers to introduce new efficiencies in tracking and tagging our client’s websites 
  • Manage your own work and deadlines 
  • Manage strategic SEO/SEM projects
  • Work closely with Hans Kaspersetz on your personal development and SEO/SEM/Analytics strategy
  • Lead and present reports to senior management and clients
  • Create time estimates for SEO/SEM work on each project 
  • Stay fresh with new ideas and up to date with Google’s algorithm changes and will actively seek and inspire by sharing these changes with the team (new practices, new ideas, best practices, etc)

Required Credentials

  • 5+ years' experience working in SEO/SEM providing guidance for website optimizations, and creating PPC campaigns
  • A strong working knowledge of Google Adwords and Bing Ads
  • A strong working knowledge of Google Analytics & GTM
  • In-depth knowledge of how to set up dashboards and use Google 360
  • Advanced math and statistical capabilities 
  • Demonstrated ability to create successful PPC campaigns
  • Demonstrated ability to create successful organic SEO strategies
  • Curiosity to question what the data are saying
  • Compulsion to find out the answers that provide insights and guidance
  • Strong working knowledge of Screaming Frog and other crawlers
  • Understanding of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Strong command of Excel and Google Sheets, including knowledge of how to perform concatenations, set up formulas, and more
  • Working knowledge of Google keyword tools
  • Experience with Raven Tools
  • Experience with Authority Labs
  • Obsessive focus on details in date ranges, data, tracking, and insights
  • Ability to communicate rationale for keywords, data, and analysis to senior management and clients
  • An understanding that direction and feedback are the key to continual improvement
  • Willingness to learn and desire to improve
  • Ability to provide example analytic reports and insights
  • Familiarity with app store rankings a plus
  • Familiarity with Amazon rankings a plus
  • Digital healthcare experience preferred
  • Understanding of healthcare approval process/requirements for PPC 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Mathematics (Statistics) a plus

I Love Arteric

We make it easy for you to enjoy life inside and outside of work. We have a generous paid time off policy that mandates unplugged time off (bonuses are paid for disconnecting), 100% paid employee medical, 401(k) retirement savings plan with employer contribution, Long- and short-term disability insurance, vision, dental, and more.

You might be The One if....

  • You live to create experiences that improve people’s lives
  • You’re passionate about working with others and discovering solutions to business challenges
  • You want to be on a winning team rather than achieving individual glory
  • You want to grow with a company and dominate the market
  • You want to work in a bureaucracy-free environment with an elite team
  • You want to take smart risks and produce outsized wins
  • You don’t accept mediocrity, you need to deliver an amazing product, and you won’t stop until your task has been completed
  • You want to inspire and be inspired

Arteric is an Equal Opportunity Employer in compliance with the laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, marital status, religion, national origin, disability or any other legally protected status.

I Want The Job!

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Okay. Please send us your résumé at careers-2018@arteric.com and be sure to include a brief statement, indicating why you are the one! 

Thinking of applying? Let's Talk!

Ross O' Shea

Ross O' Shea
Creative Director, Arteric


What We Offer

  • Competitive Salary
  • Bonuses
  • 401(k)
  • Employer 401(k) Contribution
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Paid Time Off 

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