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If You Work Here, You Matter. Big time.

That everyone at Arteric matters comes as no surprise given that our mission revolves around pushing the boundaries of what's possible to create life-changing experiences. And because you'll play a critical role, you'll work very hard, but be well cared for with a revolutionary package of benefits. This should come as no surprise at a company whose values include "be healthy" and "find happiness and celebrate!"


Creative director working at a computer
Programmer developing new software
Team meeting
Team brainstorming session

Work. Play. Grow. Thrive.

Icons representing working, playing, growing and thriving

You'll grow as far as your passions and professional interests take you. Arteric is the kind of place where people who want to make a difference have REAL OPPORTUNTIES — not the lip-service variety — to try out their ideas. And we'll surround you with programs such as generous PTO, forced disconnect time, cake days (the good stuff, not the warehouse-store variety) and laughter when you least expect it.

Arteric is growing and we need exceptional people. If you join us, you'll enter a remarkable culture that fosters pride among brilliant, creative thinkers who work hard to improve the lives of millions.  Hope to see you soon. 

Learn about our benefits

  • Competitive Salary
  • Bonuses
  • 401K
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employer 401K Contribution
  • Innovative Personal Time-Off Policy
  • Healthcare Benefits

We're Looking For A Smart, Talented, Enthusiastic...

Senior Front-End Website Developer (Contractor)

Our team of software wizards seeks an experienced developer to cast Web-based magic and share wisdom with young wizards. If you can weave magic that others say can’t be done, contact us. 

I am a software wizard!

Front End Developer

Our multi-award-winning team seeks an adventurous developer who loves to push the envelope. If you’re looking to grow your skill set along with your reputation, let’s talk.

I know how to push the envelope!

No, Thanks.