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Michael Horn

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Horn has over 30 years of senior executive experience in information technology, finance, sales, and marketing. He has owned and operated multiple companies and has experience as the CEO and Board member of both a publicly traded company and a division of a publicly traded company.

In 1975, Michael began working as a sales representative for a small electronics manufacturer in Brooklyn. This was followed by an opportunity to work for Mattel Electronics, marketing their first and only entry in the video game business. In 1979, he founded and built a multi-million dollar software reselling business that was sold in 2001. Michael then became CEO of AccountMate Software, a Division of Softline Inc., a publicly traded company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. This division had underperformed for many years with its best sales volume topping out at 4.3 million dollars in a year. In the ten months Michael was elected to serve, the company topped 10 million dollars in sales.

After leaving AccountMate in 2002, Michael founded VAR Direction LLC, a one-man business and financial consulting company designed to address a small number of clients with problems that needed executive solutions and action. As well as being extremely successful, VAR Direction was the launching pad for Michael’s current position.

Michael joined Arteric in 2009. He currently serves as its Chief Executive. He is responsible for helping to forge the mission and vision of the company as well as managing finance.

Michael is a passionate follower of The Grateful Dead. He also enjoys music, art, and philosophy, and has a deep devotion to his immediate and extended families, particularly his two beloved grandsons. He loves to travel the world, relax on the beach in Saint Barth, smoke a good cigar, and listen to his iPod. Michael also loves playing with his German shepherd.


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