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Kevin Braybon

Senior QA Tester

I love working here at Arteric. As a QA Tester, it's a supremely satisfying environment to flourish in. The best is demanded and delivered in a fast-changing and challenging environment. Honesty in communications and discussions on improvements is always embraced. Being actively involved in every stage of the whole lifecycle of each project from discovery through to giving it life in the digital world allows me to find every opportunity to delight the client!

What is it like working here? It's a dream; a friendly tribe of smart people all completely dedicated together to getting the product to be the best it can be. Everyone really welcomes suggestions and being able to truly make a difference is golden for a tester.

Prior to joining the Arteric tribe, I have over 29 years of technology experience – I'm a tester through and through with 21 of those years breaking code and processes in major sectors such as military, banking, utilities, social services, pensions, payroll, foodservice, auto finance, actuarial and fund management applications –originally starting life as a freelance Mainframe programmer... I love a challenge!

I left the rain of the UK to live the American dream and start a new life with my flame-haired American sweetheart - starting by exploring 4,000 miles of Route 66 in our Red Mustang Convertible for a month-long honeymoon! My heart applies the tester’s detail orientation to watercolor and acrylic painting, when not distracted by running repairs on a slightly-dilapidated 1950’s house.


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