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Hans Kaspersetz

Co-Founder, President

As President, Hans is responsible for Arteric's strategy, management, mentoring, and fiscal oversight. As the team leader, he brings clients, designers, programmers, managers, and the sales team together to build beautiful and effective Web sites, mobile applications, and Web applications.

Hans started to program computers at the age of 8. He began his technical career in 1996 as a help desk operator for a contract ISP support company, Bern Communications. During his downtime at the help desk, he took the initiative to use JavaScript and Perl to write a Web-based tool for monitoring the firm’s distributed servers, routers, and modems.

After his stint as a help desk operator, Hans attended Rutgers University to pursue a Computer Science degree. During his sophomore year, he was recruited out of school to join Team Paradise, a traditional action sports catalog retailer, in Huntington Beach, California. He assumed the role of Web site developer and PHP lead developer. His responsibilities included developing and deploying their e-commerce strategy and assisting in the successful closing of two rounds of venture capital.

After working at Team Paradise, Hans became the lead developer for Your Beauty Network, a salon management services and training company. Hans created YBN’s original salon management portal, integrating multiple application service providers (ASPs) and digitizing YBN’s extensive library of training materials. With the successful completion of the second and third versions of the YBN portal, Hans helped to select and then directed YBN’s technology team through the fourth version of the portal, which delivered cutting-edge online services, including enhanced online features for training salon personnel.

Hans then moved back to New Jersey and created Cyber X Designs with Grant Hansen and Allison Gaddy. In 2012, Cyber X Designs was rebranded Arteric. As President of Arteric, his day-to-day responsibilities include interfacing with customers, managing projects, directing the creative and technical teams, administering servers, investigating new technologies, marketing, programming, and growing the company.

Since founding Cyber X Designs, Hans has had the opportunity to work as a project lead, Web site front-end programmer, and Web site developer with such clients as CommonHealth, Pfizer, Altana, Novartis, Hospira, Abbott Laboratories, Takeda, Wyeth, essextec, Teva, Janssen, Centocore Ortho Biotech, Bering Air, APM Terminals, TIAA-CREF, Ace Endico, and Omni Financial. He has led teams in the:

  • Creation of cutting-edge Web businesses for start-ups
  • Creation of a Web-based loan origination, servicing, and collections solution for a military lender
  • Migration of a 25-year-old mainframe application to the Web
  • Creation of an airline reservation, corporate accounts, and frequent-flyer solution for a regional carrier in Alaska
  • Founding two Internet start-ups
  • Creation of multilingual travel sites
  • Creation of first-in-market pharmaceutical marketing applications for the Web and field sales teams

He has also had a fabulous time working with customers to help them make their dreams come true!

Hans is an active contributor to the open source community, serving as a Board Member, the New Project Coordinator, and Assistant Vice President of Operations at New York PHP. He is an active contributor to the NYPHP Talk list and Joomla lists. His technical skills include PHP, SQL, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, shell programming, Linux administration, FreeBSD administration, Windows administration, and Perl. Hans prides himself on his ability to solve complex cross-browser challenges as a front-end Web site developer. When he gets to program, he prefers to program interactive Web 2.0 Web sites using the latest jQuery and CSS3 technique. Hans also enjoys working with other talented programmers on analyzing and solving complex system design challenges and database queries.

In 2005, Hans was invited to speak at the PHP Quebec International Conference. He spoke on the topic of Open Source and the health care industry. He has also spoken at the New York PHP monthly meeting. He has pitched at Ultra Light Startups multiple times and has won a pitch contest there.

Hans is currently serving a 3-year term as board member for the Property Owners Association of New Jersey. He is an active member of the POA and has published articles in the News & Views, a semi-monthly publication printed by the POA.

Hans is passionate about cycling. In 1997, Hans and his best friend cycled across Europe. During the 71 days they were there, they slept in a leaky tent and hostels. They cycled approximately 2100 miles across England, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. In 2007, he and a group of friends cycled from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah in 7 days on the back country roads of a San Juan Hut System route.

His other passion is cave diving and deep mixed-gas CCR diving. He is the author of numerous published articles on deep mixed-gas diving and sidemount exploration. In 2008 and 2009, he was the project manager on a number of deep exploration cave dives in Tulum, Mexico. He is also a contributor to multiple exploration and mapping projects.

In 2012, Hans participated in a dive expedition to the wreck of the SS Aleutian off Kodiak Island, Alaska. He and five intrepid explorers flew 6000 lbs of dive gear to a remote bay by float plane and dove on the 220-ft deep wreck for 5 days. The team explored the wreck and documented its continued deterioration, as well as the release of bunker oil from the corroding fuel tanks.

Hans has traveled to 39 states, including Alaska. He has traveled extensively internationally, to Canada, Germany, France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore. From 2007 to 2009, Hans lived in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, operating Cyber X Designs business internationally, serving customers in Mexico, Europe, and the United States. He has driven the width of the USA once and from New York to Cancun, Mexico and back.

Hans has held positions at New York University Medical School, AmeliaPlex Inc, Bern Communications, Team Paradise, and Your Beauty Network. He is currently on the boards of the New York PHP and Property Owners Association. Hans and Arteric are active sponsors of several tech events each year, including Joomla! Day NY, New York City Tech Holiday Party, and Lean Day UX in New York.

Hans is available as a speaker, author, adviser, and consultant. He is also ready to speak to you about growing your business online: 201.546.9902.


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