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Channel Manufacturing is a manufacturer of restaurant and kitchen equipment. They sell their products through a sophisticated multilayer distribution network of internal and external reps, as well as distributors and resellers. Arteric's challenge was to update Channel's Web site to improve the user's experience and simplify the process of finding products. We had two performance objectives. The first was to produce an industry-leading online catalog to complement the reps' and distributors' efforts. The second was to improve the search exposure of Channel's Website and customers' awareness of the Channel brand, while mitigating the risk of displacing Channel's resellers and distributors on the same search results. Arteric's solution was a search-friendly image-driven product catalog. We believed that providing home-page access to all product categories would speed the process of finding products. We wanted users to say, "I want that!" and point to it with their mouse, rather than typing a search phrase. We theorized that new/emerging kitchen designers and restaurateurs may not know the names of the equipment. The redesigned Web site, with its user-friendly image-driven navigation system, netted immediate and continuous positive feedback from key sales reps. Traffic to the Web site increased by 40%, the number of referring target keywords increased by 175%, and time on site increased.

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