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Forget the long pitch process, Arteric provides feature rich digital solutions that solve common challenges faced by pharmaceutical and biotechnology brand teams.

  • Manage brand medical information and organize the scientific story
  • Manage conference teams and their intel
  • Apply a CRM that locks in compliance
  • Enhance brand value with flexible adherence technology

Solutions optimized for healthcare teams.
Launch quickly and stay up and running.

We didn't build another conference app.

We built a team collaboration tool that includes a built-in concierge.

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We didn't build another CRM system.

We built a CRM system with a foolproof compliance that shapes the customer conversation long before the detail.

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We didn't build another portal.

We built a portal that automatically tracks the use of every piece of information that supports your science platform – and much more.

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We didn't build another adherence tool.

We built a no-stress, turnkey adherence solution that adds immediate patient value through SMS, voice and email reminders.

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Image of Simple Conferences Master Calendar Screens

The App That Manages Your Conference Team and the Information They Gather

Keep everyone organized and informed.
Never lose what you learn.
Find services like a local.

  • Organize Your Team
    • Schedule booth and session coverage
    • Update everyone on the fly
    • Create on master calendar - for any size team
  • Become an Intelligence Center
    • Document information from sessions
    • Share it with the conference team
    • Download everything for headquarters
  • Use the Built-in Concierge
    • Find local services
    • View them on a map
    • Book a ride to get there
Image of the Automated Payer Communication System

The Healthcare CRM

Lock in compliance and personalization.
Lock out off-label conflict.
Empower your sales team to grow the relationship.

  • Customize to Your Audience
    • Build customer-specific messages.
    • Send at the ideal time.
    • Maintain compliance. ALWAYS.
  • Shape the Discussion
    • Identify customer needs.
    • Know what to reinforce.
    • Prepare before the detail.
Empower Your Sales Team
image of search feature for the science portal

Manage Libraries of Product Data, Messaging and Literature. Quickly and Easily.

Manage every content asset throughout the product life cycle.
Maintain version control by tracking the use of every information source. Automatically.
Keep every bibliography current — with a click.

  • Track and trace content automatically
    • Track the use of every reference and message.
    • Trace their appearance in every document.
    • Update with a click.
  • Store, search and locate any content
    • Text. Images. Video. Audio.
    • Deck. Poster. White paper. Journal article. PI.
    • Find it quickly and easily.
  • Communicate important news
    • Notify users about content updates.
    • Send email bulletins about upcoming events.
    • Link new content to the bulletins.
Track Every Needle in Every Haystack
Image of OntimeRx Patient Adherence Tool

Add Value to Your Brand With a Turnkey Adherence System

Create long-term compliance by encouraging patients to stay on therapy.
Provide custom messaging that supports the patient journey.

  • Support your brand and the patient with award-winning functionality that increased compliance up to 85%
    • Set reminders: when to take, medication refill, and doctor appointments
    • Contact patients by phone call, text message or email
    • Patients can create lists of medications or health data for doctor visits
  • Accommodate various audiences and maintain presence
    • Device flexibility – iPhone, Android, or desktop app
    • Technology for any comfort level – phone, email or text
    • White label to your brand
  • Reach various audiences in multiple settings
    • Ensure persistence for patients of any age.
    • Use for adult patients or caregivers at Home, Assisted living facilities, or Senior residential facilities

Which of our healthcare solutions solve your challenge?

  • Simple Conferences™
    Manage conference teams and the intelligence they gather
  • Science Portal
    Manage brand medical information and automatically track the use of every statement, message and element of supporting data
    Lock in compliance when sales staff shapes conversations and communicates with customers
  • OntimeRX™
    Enhance brand value while helping patients stay on therapy

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