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How Do You Transform Geek-Speak Into Engaging, Persuasive Content?

In 30 days, we combined carefully vetted business objectives with strategic content planning and purposeful design to deliver a persuasive story and engaging website for the world renowned Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

Created An Engaging Experience Completed in 30 DaysCited in Major News SourcesViewed in Over 60 Countries Created An Engaging Experience Completed in 30 DaysCited in Major News SourcesViewed in Over 60 Countries Created An Engaging Experience Completed in 30 DaysCited in Major News SourcesViewed in Over 60 Countries

Transform Health Economics Into Content That Resonates

The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CPMI) asked us to help change how their audiences perceived the cost of healthcare and the value delivered through medical innovation. Here's how we worked with them to change perceptions.

The true value of medical innovation was
buried in an avalanche of data.

Kill the Conversation Killers − Complexity and Technical Jargon

To the lay person, nothing could be less engaging than spreadsheets, journal articles, and research papers. The language of health economics and statistics overwhelmed truly remarkable stories. So we weaved the numbers into stories that people related to while highlighting what medical innovation achieved.

After: This web site educates while entertaining to reinforce the value of innovation.

Transform the Dialogue with a New Storyline

We distilled complicated facts and figures into compelling imagery and interactivity to deliver a campaign story that conveyed the value of innovative therapies. By emphasizing the economic and social benefits of medical innovation, we used language that connected with the general public.

Convert complex data into a compelling web site.

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Develop Insightful Infographics and Animation

In 30 days, we conceptualized, designed, authored, and deployed a highly engaging web site that integrated seamlessly with CMPI social media channels, conferences, and press events. Easy-to-understand content with smart visuals and quizzes brought to life the progress of medical innovation in the context of its impact on humanity.

The site was developed to work across a multitude of devices and platforms.

Make the Site Function Around the World

Anticipating a global audience with varying Internet bandwidth, browser platforms, and device needs, we infused flexibility and effectiveness into the site design. The result − people from over 60 countries use the site. And counting.

Interactive components aid in users’ digestion and understanding of complex information.

Create a Picture That's Worth 10 Million Lives

CMPI challenged us to show their audiences how small changes could have big results. So, we transformed volumes of health economic data into straightforward and impactful visuals and interactive engagements that audiences manipulated to see how investment and government regulation impacted life expectancy and economic prosperity.

"We strategically applied animation and targeted-engagement tactics to tell a logical, impact-driven story."

Ross O'Shea, Creative Director, Arteric

Ross O'Shea
Creative Director, Arteric

30 days to complete a web site design

A Team Focused on Finishing

It takes a village to raise a child, but several villages to create great interactive content.

In 30 days, Arteric strategy, content, creative, development and testing teams sifted through volumes of complex information to seamlessly design and deliver the most meaningful content in the most effective and reliable manner.

Attention to What Matters

Accuracy + Brevity + Clarity + Relevance = Impact. This equation is how we transformed blah statistics into BOOM messages.

"We developed the CMPI site with the same urgency required for finding innovative life-changing therapies."

Hans Kaspersetz, President, Arteric

Hans Kaspersetz
President, Arteric

A Healthy Dose of Persuasive Information

By cutting throught the data clutter, Arteric quickly delivered the desired results.


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