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12 Ways Arteric Is Revolutionizing Employee Benefit Packages

The secret behind Arteric’s growth, vibrant culture, and delightful software is our remarkable team of talented and hard-working individuals. At Arteric, we believe that if we foster a fun and safe environment that gives individuals room for professional growth, we will all prosper together.

At Arteric, we believe that our employees deserve to be happy. We recognize that creating data-driven digital solutions is challenging and requires intense concentration and collaboration. To avoid the employee burnout that plagues so many digital agencies, we take a radical approach to work-life balance. We want our employees to have a rewarding personal life, while continuing to produce the high-quality products that our clients love.

To allow our employees to pursue happiness, we give them liberty. Arteric has created a high-freedom environment. The basic principle is simple: if your work is done, do what you need to do. Below is an extended list of all the benefits Arteric provides to employees.

Benefit Why We Offer It
Unlimited Paid Time Off Only 2% of Silicon Valley offers an unlimited PTO policy*. We all work hard, and we want our employees to have the freedom to take time off and plan their schedules accordingly. Family is important, and this policy provides the flexibility for people to achieve a healthy balance between work & family.
Disconnect Bonus To encourage this healthy balance, we mandate that each employee must take 5 contiguous business days off. In addition to mandating time off, we challenge individuals to "disconnect": no email, no texts, and no work. In return for our employees taking time off (really OFF), we compensate this disconnect time with an additional bonus.
Flexibility in Schedule We believe that happiness is derived from a sense of control.
Healthcare Providing health insurance facilitates our employee's ability to receive the proper care. Maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit is essential for a healthy work-life balance.
401K We believe in creating financial stability and having the ability to take action today.
Employer Retirement Contribution We encourage action by giving a 3% employer contribution to your 401k, regardless of how much (if any) you contribute yourself.
Learning Library Keeping our employees well versed in business and life-related literature helps foster innovative ideas. We fill our library with books that our president has read and felt were key to his professional and personal development and success.
Commitment to Learning Take and keep any book in the library. Management will pay a bonus to employees who absorb the material. We believe in stimulating learning, and we regularly send employees to conferences & continuing education courses.
Executive Leadership Development Program Our business is all about communication. We believe in transparency and feel that all employees should be able to communicate with upper management. For that reason, senior executives offer one-on-one mentoring sessions to all employees.
State-of-the-Art Equipment To be at the forefront of innovation, we must stay up-to-date with the latest technology.
Coffee Culture Caffeine is revered in tech & agency culture. It fuels brilliant ideas or at least provides the energy it takes to create one. Arteric has a sophisticated coffee machine that provides options rivaling those at local coffee vendors. Also, the refrigerator in the break room is always stocked with ample amounts of Red Bull®.
Healthy Snacks We believe it is important to stay healthy.
Sugary Snacks We believe it is important to have a choice!
* Vacation Policies You'll Envy From Companies You Don't Work For
In Defense of An Unlimited Policy

This is by no means a final list but is a work in progress. We will continue to grow and evolve in order to keep Arteric committed to making our family (staff) happy.

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